Etienne’s Big Horns

Etienne just had these large horns done by Lukas Zpira… They look amazing along with his full facial tattoos (a good combination as usual, in my opinion; see also Bruce Potts, before and after his facial implants under his similar tattoo).

15 thoughts on “Etienne’s Big Horns

  1. very nice facial tattooing i would like to see it in color though,the implants give it a nice touch

  2. Beautiful work and now I wonder if I should get some horns. I would love to see your work in color and communicate, since we both are fully facially tatted.

  3. That looks just amazing. I really love his facial tattoo work and I’ve always liked horn implants :)

  4. haha thats rad, damn his ears are getting big!! alot bigger then the last picture i saw of him!

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