Say it loud

Jason Edwards, photo by Thom Kirk

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45 thoughts on “Say it loud

  1. When you have that much space to work with, you get to use big crazy letters. I am a smaller guy, by comparison, so my “old english” abdomen tattoo (different word) is not nearly as “big”. In some ways, i’m envious. :)

  2. Interesting; my gay friends say that ‘faggot’ is a pejorative terms, and they don’t like anyone using it, gay, straight or otherwise. (Me, I just don’t think that calling someone a “burning or smoldering piece of firewood” is really appropriate.)

  3. I don’t mind being called a faggot when it’s by my gay/lezbo friends and done in jest, or if it’s really hot trade and we’re role-playing. It feels empowering to take back ownership of a word.
    I can understand though if some people don’t like it.
    But yeah, anyway, COOL TATTOO man!!

  4. we have v. v. similar comforters at the hotel I work desk at… that’s all.. and he looks sad..

  5. #8 – ‘Faggot’ has seriously become the new nigger. Some hate it in any way, shape or form. Some don’t mind it within the community. And others, like myself, don’t care at all as long as it’s not someone being totally assholeish about it.

    And, shit, big, tatted, and gay? I’d hit that.

  6. im lez/gay and i loe it when ppl take the word faggot and use it as a positive term…im taking this tat as a positive one. Kinda like saying…fuck the norm. Anyways i LOVE it and wish that more ppl would have tats like that…screaming what they love an live with big artwork! congrats you got my 2 thumbs up!

  7. I really respect people when they can take a word that may
    have quite possibly cuased them emotional hurt in the past
    a reclaim it for themselves. Good on him! That’s what I say.

  8. Giles – hahaha! that actually made me laugh out loud! maybe he actually asked for CHI TONW though!

  9. haha #5
    I always think the same thing when thinking about the sleeve im going to get. My arm is so small theres gonna be hardly any picture on it

  10. Look at his chest. It reminds me of the Very similar (in both style and placing) lesbian themed tattoo the “pass around girl” had on her chest.

  11. this boy is a fierce champ to be rawking that on his cute beer/bear belly. good work, yo.

  12. I love how he’s posing, he just needs to get a little wind in his hair and he’s all set :)

  13. kinda sucks that if this was on a little guy, he’d probably get his ass beat a lot…..I like that this guy definitely used hid size to make this OK…….who’s gonna mess with him, gay or not…..haha

    Great to see people getting exactly what they want tattooed on them…..

  14. GodDAMN, he’s hot.
    I am dead serious. Why the hell do I like bears so much? Why the fuck am I a girl, when I so obviously need to be a boy and get fucked by that man? ARGH

  15. That’s fantasic! Personally I don’t think he looks sad in the photo at all – he’s staring down the camera. He’s gorgeous!

    (And I always thought a ‘faggot’ was a bundle of sticks used for fuel. I do know that at our local hard rubbish we are allowed to leave faggots out for pick up, but they can’t be longer than 1 metre. Personally, I like to keep my faggots :) )

  16. #2, I would play a rimshot for you if I had a drumset handy. I don’t think the synopsis from your perception of the picture equals the story, though.

  17. Thanks for all the comments… This tattoo means alot to me because it was a word used to hurt me growing up in a small town in West Texas. Now I celebrate the word and so it can’t hurt me anymore, as a gay man I get mixed feelings from friends about it but usually people see it as a brave and empowering thing to do. When I go to public pools and beaches sometimes I get people gawking but I also get alot of “right ons” and people giving me the thumbs up. I’m a pretty big guy so I dont really fear for my safety. I love my ink :o)

  18. wow, i feel stupid, i thought he ment like a “Fag” (which meens cigarette) oops >.

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