Leopard Suited Man

Detritus sends in this unusual full-body concept tattoo that he photographed at the recent Skintech Expo 2007. I can just imagine the conversation with the tattoo artist…

Client: I want you to tattoo me so it looks like I'm wearing a leopard suit.

Tattoo Artist: Oh, like Tom Leppard? Yeah, I can tattoo you like a leopard.

Client: No, no, you don’t understand. I want to be tattooed so it looks like I’m wearing a leopard print spandex outfit. I don’t want to look like an animal — I want to look like a human dressed up as an animal.

Maybe the collar line and hand lines are just drawn on, I don’t know, but they definitely put a very different visual spin on it! In any case, hats off to the guy for choosing such a single-minded tattoo and running with it. The world most definitely needs more people with faux leopard suits, be they suits or be they skin.

34 thoughts on “Leopard Suited Man

  1. Haha, what a great idea! The boxers kinda ruin it though, he should have leopard print speedo’s

  2. I’m guessing he stopped at the hands and neck so he can look “normal” in clothes

  3. I can’t get over the fact that the orange background looks just like orange highlighter. 😉

    In any case, it’s a neat concept! Bravo, sir!

  4. he looks so proud and dare I say it self-righteous? lol (not in a bad way though 🙂 )

  5. whatever works for ya.
    I adore leopard print, but I could never do my whole body.
    I’m kinda a negative space girl myself.

    definately looks neat though.

  6. What’s with the incomplete spot on his right arm? Is that supposed to be a ‘tear’ in his ‘suit’??

    Those boxers are awesome. I used to have a satin leapord print tank top, dressing gown and girly boxers when I was a littlun’.

  7. would be much better without the strong orange.
    the pattern on his chest and belly are somehow special.

  8. Steph-knee:

    I thought that too, like a faux rip or something.

    I really like the patterns on his stomach.

  9. It looks like he rolled himself in Doritos and put lepard stickers all over himself. Ha.

  10. Oooh now I am really curious about what’s on his right arm. I wonder if there are any more pictures of this chap about *runs to google image search*

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