inVivo had these “earballs” (bead implants along the upper ridge of the ear) implanted by Steve at O-R-R in Antwerp, Belgium. Seeing this it certainly drives home that another route to ear pointing is implants; these are beads of course but there’s no reason why it couldn’t be done with carved silicone over several generations to bring it to the desired contour. That said, cartilage is very sensitive! (For BME/extreme members, click here to read the experience on this mod)


24 thoughts on “Earballs

  1. Awesome! That will really bring a whole new level to ear reconstructions.

    Keep the great work comin boys! Looking forward to reading the experience. 🙂

  2. I agree with 3 but it’s really interesting to see how we can push our bodies in this way.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next XD

  3. I agree with 3[on the keloids part] Just looks like an infection to me. Wonder what that feels like.

  4. I was actually speaking with a plastic surgeon about implants being used to form a point in the ear a few years ago.. though the one thing that kept coming up that was making us think it wouldn’t happen was the implants actualy shifting from the top bevel of the ear.

    Are these healed photos?

    I would love to see the progress of both the initial healing and long term.

  5. Im with number 5 on this one.. I would be very curious to see how it holds up long term, as I just see the cartilage getting damaged.

  6. i’m just wondering how they did it with so little skin in that area, skin that can be moved about and pulled up that is
    looks kinda cool, but i think it’d be better if there was more going round the ear lol just my opinion though
    looks wicked tho
    unique too

  7. I agree with 3 on the keloids part, it’s not something I’d choose to have personally (I want to avoid bumps as much as possible!), but it’s interesting how you can implant beads under the skin of the ear, I’d never even thought of it being possible until now.

  8. it reminds me of warts or cauliflower ear.. 🙁 nevertheless a very interesting concept.

  9. Tye in #7 definately made good points….You’d definately need to find a way to secure the implanted material onto the cartilage,ear so that the implant doesn’t shift,etc.

    But by doing that you reduce how many times you’re going to be able to open it up and go to another generation size,etc.

  10. I think it would look/feel cool if they could do it all the way down the rim of the helix. But as is, I am going to have to agree with xchristinex.

  11. or..

    Hey! I can see your earnutz!

    …heheheh personally I just think the balls look way out of place. But its obviously well done because it looks clean and “natural”… well as natural as an ass contour can look on an ear anyways..

  12. im thinking three beads in progressive sizes could be really nice, i would love to see some procedural shots…

  13. Unless I’m mistaken, there’s a few people working on an ear pointing/implant combination to make the points more dramatic and last longer. Seems quite a few of the ear pointings don’t stay as well as everyone would like.

  14. i thought this was a horrible helix piercing gone wrong. but i kind of like how it looks now that i know it’s not deadly.

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