Guess that bodypart!

I added a category for these types of “guess that anatomy” posts (and put some of the previous posts in it so it’s not empty, but definitely missed a few).

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48 thoughts on “Guess that bodypart!

  1. whatever a twanger is indeed.
    I’m inclined to say foreskin, I’m probably wrong.
    Maybe scrotum? hell I dunno.

    I don’t have one that’s for sure!

  2. I’m going with scrotum here. I just can’t think of anything else. I don’t want to say penis because it hurts too much.

  3. Dumb question… but it’s all I can think of:

    Can it return to it’s normal shape after so much abuse…? Or is it bye bye penis?
    Just wondering.
    I’ve Never seen a penis squashed like that before…

  4. Can I double post and point out that Modblog’s clock is a full hour slow on my UK screen? It says that my last post was made at 11:43, when actually it should be 00:43.


  5. As they say in Australia: that looks like one mighty flat kangaroo pounder. Or, a skin flute that will never play another note.

  6. This post reminds me of that song “pet names for genitalia” he he he

  7. you realy mise a few in the Categorie guess that anatomy
    ther ar more than 5:P

  8. #21, the clock is on its own time, I’m on the west coast and I’m pretty sure its off by about 4 hours for me (fast)

  9. I don’t have one…but that was totally a pancaked cock in all it’s glory. GAH. I think my girlie bits just quivered and silently thanked whatever god is out there that I lack sufficient external parts for something like that to be done…although I’m sure that was his own choice to do it. Still, it made an interesting picture. :)

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