Rumbles in Rome

Ribes and *Tummy Boy share some quality tummy torture time.

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22 thoughts on “Rumbles in Rome

  1. That was pretty intense. Similar to the Indestructible Man stuff but that bar was much thinner. I loved the music though, was that like… I wanna say… Brujeria?

  2. It doesn’t really appeal to me, but as long as he’s having fun! I loved the look of achievement on his face at the end; he looekd so happy he had made it through. I’m impressed he did it while standing up!

  3. Maybe the lack of gloves is because the other guy is his partner/friend? And am I right, is it indeed Brujeria? So many questions.

  4. that was kind of sexy. i like how the one guy had a death grip on the other guy’s cranium the whole time.

  5. Nice Performance, but my first thought was, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE GLOVES??? professional or not that’s like one of the most important things no matter what, seriously

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