Autopsy Scar, Sans-Autopsy

Singer just got this intense Y-incision skin removal by Brian (more) at Pure in Brooklyn, NY… This will be very disturbing to a morgue attendant at some point in the future!

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72 thoughts on “Autopsy Scar, Sans-Autopsy

  1. I like the idea behind it. Would look really kewl if it had little dots on either side of the cuts..Still awsome idea though

    #3 when it starts to scab up itll be really stiff and moving will be uncomfortable as the scab will pull away from the skin slightly as you move..but in the beginning keeping it wrapped to wet heal would be the hardest part IMHO it was for my tummy

  2. I’m surprised that we can’t see the bones through the incisions. There’s not much flesh between his skin and his skeleton…

  3. Made my day *lol*
    I just had to imagine, how that guy looks, who is taking an autopsie after this dudes death… This is some kind of black humor ^^

  4. (Lets try again…)
    As excellent as this looks, am I the only person thinking of that modblog entry ‘When scarification goes bad’? Healed pictures of this would be excellent.

  5. LOVE the concept! Really neat-o idea and the execution is very clean also.

    The *only* thing that I would be concerned about, esthetically, is even scarring/keloiding. I have seen many stomach/sternum pieces blow out quite a lot after healing.

    At the same time, even if it heals very differently in some areas, the illusion will remain just as powerful.

  6. 28 – you’re not alone, I was thinking the same thing. I hope he heals nice and evenly w/o much hypertrophic scarring.

    I second all above saying it looks amazing and is quite clever!

  7. looks good but would look even better if it had stitching marks running along the sides, I hope he heals well and the scars don’t blow out and fuck up his movement like the last one we saw posted on here

  8. His navel is a bit covered in blood so its hard to distinguish from the rest of the surrounding skin.

    It’s an awesome piece and an awesome idea. His pail skin really works well with it. I wish him the best at healing it.

  9. boy should be mummified when he passes just to fuck with the future paleontologists.
    reminds me of a horror movie, and I like it.

  10. heyyy that’s keen!
    I was just thinking a while back how amazing it would be if somebody got this done and lo and behold :)

  11. haha nice scarification :D
    I think using sutures would be cool thing to do :)
    If I would have same autopsy scarification, I would have person use sutures on my cuts.

  12. hm,,, it’s great of course, but browsing through comments on a few random entries on here i’ve seen “that’d be cool at the beach” like 4 times now,,, this is getting creepy…

  13. Hehe, I like this! I think it’d be a neat tattoo as well, little dotted ‘cut here’ lines in the same path.

  14. singer is one of my best friends and i love this i got to see it in person and the wet healing seems pretty hard but the funny thing is when he walks around the plastic wrap crinkles and souds like he wereing a plastic bag

  15. this is by far the best skin removal idea anyone has ever had. i’m sooo fuckin jelous

  16. Lovely!!!! Awesome!!! I loved it!!!! That´s the kind of inspiration I was looking for…now I guess I can get myself a funky and beautiful skin removal…The morgue attendant will freak out when my body gets there!!! Yeah!!! I think I might kill myslef right after the healling so I can disturbe his mind sooner…
    Thank you Shannon for posting and sharing this amazing experience with everyone…I´m all tears now…
    You blow my mind mate!!!
    You rock!!!

  17. Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world of things I can do with my body to get attention and shock people! Such a beautiful challenge, but somehow sad at the same time. It amazes me in both ways, just like myself. And I can’t decide between a big challenge and an agression to such a perfect body. Just as difficult to figure out as myself. Congratulations!

  18. A week or so ago I posted this pic that I thought inspiring on my facebook. I thought it was beautiful and wanted my friends to see.
    (Sorry for stealing… but I did give credit and a link)
    Today I got this message:
    “Please Read This!

    The note “Autopsy Scarring (not for the weak of stomach)” has been removed because it violated our Terms of Use. Among other things, notes that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down notes that attack an individual or group or advertise a product or service. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features could result in your account being disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at [email protected] from your login email address.

    I acknowledge I have read this information.”
    and a stupid little button where I can click and say YEAH SURE
    I’m pretty offended. And it’s not even my picture.. How am I supposed to respond? I don’t want to agree and pretend it’s okay..

  19. Sorry guys but this is sick shit.. Not impressed by it. I cant believe you are allowed to do this stuff.

  20. I want to get that kind of tattoo (Kinda messed-up, gory, infected stiches effect, like a brutal death metal song would describe), but I`m only 15 at the time, so i might get that when I`m an established person :D

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  22. He actually sort of looks like a dead body. He’s so pale and skinny!
    Whoever commented on why they couldn’t see ‘bone’… it might LOOK like he doesn’t have much covering his skeleton, but the fact is, there’s always a certain layer of fat and muscle.

    Vampire. yeah he looks more like some sort creature of the undead than an actual dead body.

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