“If you’re reading this we’re 69ing”

You know, it’s funny — I think this is the second “If you can read this we’re 69ing”tattoo that I’ve seen, but since I can’t find the other one, I’ll say it was deja vu and credit for this tattoo idea goes to Ari who did this joke tattoo (“still the dumbest thing ever”) on themselves a while back.

11 thoughts on ““If you’re reading this we’re 69ing”

  1. The guys name is actually Ari, and he goes to SUNY Oneonta, which is where the confusion comes from.

    I enjoy the tat. He’s got some pretty sweet mods that I’ve admired from a far.

  2. I think its on his inner thigh…I might just have to go 69 my boyfriend to figure it out though.

    Seeing how this is me…I think it’s safe to say that SUNY students have some really blunt tattoos :p

  3. oh, and i know im a huge loser, but ive been wantin to make modblog forever, so shannon…i love you

  4. Haha that’s hilarious. If anone catches a glimpse of that and wants to know what it says there’s only one (proper) way to find out…

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