20 thoughts on “Plastic Stars Tattoo

  1. amazing placement, these are some of the best star tattoos ive seen due to their simplicity

  2. thats awesome & cuz she’s so pallid the black stars look better then on darker skin.

  3. hey! they look like the stars from that photshop brush! round and cute. love it!

  4. omfg… almost exactly the same tattoos i’ve got. mine are a bit smaller, thinner lines, an inch higher, and more “pointy” (less round-ish?) if that makes sense.

    i never deluded myself into thinking that something so simple/appealing-to-scenesters was ever going to be a unique tattoo… but its still eerie to see photo evidence that someone is inked nearly identically to me!

  5. Hip stars…

    No, this is not hipster. This is SEXster!! And FlamingFist, you’re totally right, they do look like the PSP brushes!! Very cute 🙂

  6. hey jOELTRON, i was gonna say the same thing 🙂 FreezePop FTW! ^_^

    btw, the tattoo is pretty cool, the girl is gorgeous and her smile is totally contagious =)

  7. I don’t mean to rain on her parade or anything,
    but these are pretty common tattoos… I mean, I don’t see why this picture from all star tattoos pictures had to be on modblog… It’s not even a high quality shot. I don’t get it.
    I’ve seen kick-ass photos with much more original work on the regular galleries

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