Norma Jean Tattoo

This Norma Jean drowning-with-a-hook-for-a-hand tattoo (of O’ God, the Aftermath“it shows the good that is to come after the bad”) is by Adam at Adambomb in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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18 thoughts on “Norma Jean Tattoo

  1. I almost went to him to have one of my tattoos altered! I’m glad to see he’s getting some good attention.

  2. this is an awesome example of a band related body mod that isn’t super obvious about it.
    i love it.

  3. to the poster of comment #5,

    Norma Jean may not be for everyone but that doesn’t make them terrible. Their genre, mathcore, takes a certain kind of person to appreciate. Even if their sound doesn’t appeal to you the talent of their musicians and vocalist as well as their lyrical ability is enough to make them anything but terrible. I know it’s your own personal opinion and you’re entitled to that but just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean you have to insult them.

  4. norma jean isnt mathcore.

    but i did love them for years.

    the ink is really pretty. i’ve always been a fan of red pieces.

  5. If you know what mathcore is and you’re a norma jean fan it’s hard to think they don’t fit into that genre.

  6. When I think of the “mathcore”, and bands that forward that sub-genre; associative term and it’s subtexts… Early Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, older Converge, Coalesce, Starkweather. I really don’t see Norma Jean as emulating those stylistics. Discordant yeah, but not really deconstructive… and they are far from extremists when put in comparision to bands that I am sure they sight as influences.

    But who cares, this guy loves them.
    A great tattoo for sure.

  7. Interesting related diversion. On the cover of my copy of “the Chariot’s” first album (Norma Jean front man’s side project) was attached a sticker with the text “…For fans of Converge, Every Time I Die & Ashlee Simpson.” lol. I had to buy it if not for the sticker alone!

  8. …errors in my post…ex-frontman and apparently not their first album as I first thought…anyway, the sticker is still quite funny…

  9. myself and 2 other pals actually all have this tattoo as a “friendship tattoo” thing – so i guess this guy (and the 100 or so others that have it) are in our gang as well!

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