Healing Skin Removal

Steve had Russ remove this shield shape from his shoulder (I guess to remove a previous scar). It’s quite interesting watching the healing, because the strips of skin were removed in a pattern that’s remained visible so far. I doubt it will be very apparent when it’s totally healed though.

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12 thoughts on “Healing Skin Removal

  1. Ouch!

    And I think it was Soon’s boyfriend Steve who had the “skin”/tissue removal done…

    Was it supposed to have that stripey look I wonder?

  2. doubt it. check the lines beforehand. think they’re just because of the little bits between the skin cuts. you can kinda see the tiny bits remaining in the bottom left pic. doubt it will heal to the shield shape, but good luck!

  3. Looks like it is supposed to be a future location for a tattoo or some other art doesnt it?

  4. Is it just me, or did the shape of the shield change significantly? It looks fatter and rounder – the original outline definitely looks like a shield, but if I had only seen the subsequent scarring, I’d have to guess at what it’s supposed to be. So… I definitely hope more is going to be done with it.

  5. antares- I noticed it too.. Probably changed because of the taughtness of the surrounding skin as it was healing.

  6. Ahhhohhh that look HELLA painful. But I’m sure it’ll be very pleasing once fully healed.

  7. Wow, the second picture kind of reminds me of grapefruit.
    I’d love to see this get tattooed later on.

  8. Looks crappy 2 me thats for sure .I would think that some ink thrown around it might do something for that area ut then again vegan cheeseburgers e on sale 3 for free ~_0

  9. Scarifications have a way of moving while healing. Most of my first DIY experimentations ended up “walking” in different directions. The best way to recenter them was to recut the outlines, but in a large skin removal like this, that is not really feasible. Unfortunately, scarification is not quite a fine art. The results can be skewed by an individual’s ability to heal, aftercare, and placement on the body relative to movement or skin grain. Since so much skin was removed, there is no way to know how it would heal. While it could have come out more straight, it didn’t heal terribly bad. As you can see it curved slightly in the arc that the shoulder makes because of everyday movement.

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