47 thoughts on ““Modified” Simpsons Tattoo

  1. I love Homer’s ears, I think he ought to stretch them in ‘real life’, they look like they were meant to be!
    (by the way, what is the correst term for a ‘leg sleeve’? Is it a ‘trouser’?

  2. sleeve does not only apply to a shirt. a sleeve can also be defined as a cover or case for something. i say call it a sleeve on the leg!

  3. I’ve heard them called “socks” before.

    anyway, this is an awesome sleeve / sock / legwarmer / trouser / whatever lol.

  4. A bit of background on my leg: all of the background items are from specific episodes in the early years. the bart and lisa part are from their african trip episode. aside from bart having a blue plate ot wood. the mr burns part is the naked painting marge did of him. the ned flanders part is from the dating video homer made of him after maude died. h has a stretched PA that will be pixelated out sorta. the top of my foot will have binky from life is hell.

  5. Lol, that totally rocks.
    My mom would say the man can not age in dignity, but that’s well worth it!

  6. That is fantastic. I love that they’re not all standard, “western” mods either; Barts’ lip disk, Lisa’s neck… I remember seeing an article on those women with stretched necks when I was a child, and thinking it was so beautiful.

  7. yeeech

    I can’t stand unlicensed variations of characters. It may be subtle but the proportions are just wrong. Cute idea, though.

  8. #24, I’m pretty sure there is an episode where he gets a lip disc, and also another one where Lisa gets those neck rings. :o)

    I am absolutely in love with this tattoo…. I love all the little Simpsons trash he’s thrown in with it, like the Mr Plow jacket and Blinkie…

  9. I’m pretty sure that the “mr.plow” jacket just blew my mind.
    this tattoo is tres snazzy!

  10. I really hate to be a nerd, but #24 & 29, I’m pretty sure that Lisa and Bart got their “modifications” in that episode where Homer gets a free trip to Africa for the family after he eats the however year old animal cookies box with the winning ticket.

  11. ok, what kind of pop culture children are we, here!? LOL I looked at it and could name every character and pretty much remember each episode the items came from, like the detached bronze head of Jedidiah Springfield. The pic of Marge’s mom and sisters – SnowballII, the nuclear power plant, Santa’s lil helper and I think I spy a pic of Raphie in there, too. I agree that the Simpsons became modified after Homer got a free trip to Africa and their guide, Kitenge, introduces then to the local Masai tribe.

    Bart: Hey, check it out.
    Marge: Bart, I told you not to get your lip disked!
    Bart: All right. Uh-oh, boh-boh.

    yeah. Ok. I think I might have said toooooooo much! =)

  12. #25, I hope you’re being facetious ‘caus you sound like a total knob.
    This tattoo is awesome, totally ace! I’m actually surprised there aren’t more simpsons tatts around given that they’re one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons of our generation.
    The colours are spot-on too.

  13. #31 is right, they both got those done on the Africa trip, and Marge has a bone septum in one of the halloween episodes, where she is dressed as a cavewoman.

  14. homer had 3 hairs when he hard marge was preggo again and it fell out. he also has a pink shirt. no ralphie, only the simpsons family from ankle up. heres the pieces in the background:
    power plant, killer krusty pull string doll, import duff with the 2 dots over the u, bowling ball with homer engraved, santas little hlepre, snowball 2, mrs beuvia (marges mother with sptum and ears), gpa simpson with ears, lisa sax, cleatus, selma and patty with septums, blinky, itchy and scratchy inside a tv, melon baller, sofa, spingfild population sign, mr plow jacket, guatemalan insanity pepper, snowglobe of homer with ears, and the detached head of jebadiah.

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