15 thoughts on ““Yanking my chain”

  1. It is haed to say, from personal experience I find very little pain with my septum.

    I have worn 00g bracelets, 12mm padlocks and a bunch of random shit in mine and found only discomfort and strain.

    A very cool photo, none the less.

  2. Lately I’ve been hanging my cell phone from the circular barbell in my septum ring (it’s at 12ga). It feels kind of nice. I plan to stretch it up to a 2ga or so, so maybe I’ll try something a bit more intense when I get there. 🙂

  3. Hanging things from your septum doesn’t usually hurt, unless it’s very heavy !
    The skin below the piercing is very elastic so it looks quite freaky when you pull your jewelry 😉

    By the way his lobes and his tattoos look great !

  4. Does this fella work at merriweather in howard county?
    if not, his twin does, right down to his piercings and cut of beard.

  5. josh!!!! if you’re reading this, maybe you remember me. i don’t know if you still work at the 930 club, but i have the flame 930 stamp tattooed on the underside of my wrist. i haven’t been back in awhile, but i miss the place a lot! nice photo!

  6. thanks for the kind words, y’all.

    i do indeed work at merriweather, along with several other venues around dc.

    natty, of course i remember you. i only know of 3 9:30 tattoos. you, your friend with the wings, and one other of the logo on a woman’s leg. and yes, i’m still at the club. you should definitely come back down.

    as i said before, the look is certainly serene. i love having my septum tugged. it only got better as i stretched it bigger. same goes for my ears.

    btw, the photo credit is: omari wheat. omariwheatphoto.com.

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