Very pretty elf ears!

I really like the ear pointing that Tony at Bad Apple in Las Vegas, NV, did on Manda — it’s got a really clean and well defined point, without being quite as radical in terms of really making the ear look non-human. Nice work…

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34 thoughts on “Very pretty elf ears!

  1. best elf ears i have every seen the only thing i don’t like is the scar coming down the middle but that will heal with time

  2. Cuute. Ive been in love iwth elf ears since I saw htem about a year go. Trying to get a job so I can get them too. But no luck so far

  3. These look awsome…I too like how they don’t look so out of place and non-humanish as some do. Very cute!

  4. definately quality,,, i plan to go to tony sometime in the near future for some mods

  5. p.s. ,,, i don’t think tony works there anymore,, not 100% on that, but that’s what i heard.

  6. its true tony no longer works at bad apple tattoo but that is where they were done at. thank you everyone for your comments the scaring is slowly going away!!!

  7. I do like how the basic structure of the ear is kept so far up. It’s like a little surprise at the top. Very nice!

  8. Very nice, beautiful, and sexy. Nice complement to the plugs on the bottom. I like it!

  9. I love the look of pointed ears and big lobes! Makes this lovely teardrop shape. I especially love it on adorable girls. This is one of those instances where a mod really compliments a person’s appearance, to the extent of looking natural. :)

  10. thank you everyone for the lovely comments…i try reallly hard…..and yes im no longer at bad apple but will be running my own show out of another shop by the end of the month….and thank you again

  11. I also have work done by Tony, wonderful and talented artist, you can always expect great results. I highly recommend him! =)

  12. tony did my elf ears as well.(they are featured here on modblog a few pages back if you wanna see) i love them, and ton is absolutely the best mod artist i’ve ever had.

  13. These turned out great. I saw them when they were a couple days old as I was running Mandas shop while she was getting them. They have turned out great. I also have an implant done by Tony and would refer him to anyone that is out his way.

  14. Those look so perfect, and she really just has the face to match well. Looks great!

  15. That does look good, I guess drinking while you do procedures isn’t a sure fire way to fuck someone up.

  16. I live in vegas Does anyone know how to get in touch with tony I would love to get work done by him??

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