First Time Play Piercing

Anna (who has such a nice expression on her face in that photo — click through for another view!) is pretty discrete about her modifications, because even with “just” 00ga and 8ga lobes (which she hides when she needs to), a small septum piercing, and a tattoo on her foot, she’s the most heavily modified person at her school. Shooting to be an actress, currently in a philosophy-theatre double major, she writes,

“…if people found out about this it would probably be enough to get me literally forced into counseling. Let’s just hope that someday soon the performance world will develop a serious hunger for heavily modified (pretty… and modest) blondes, or, at least one!”

Don’t worry, nobody ever finds out about stuff on ModBlog… But with such an innocent face, I’m sure she’ll be able to keep her inner deviant hidden… so SHHHH! Don’t tell!

49 thoughts on “First Time Play Piercing

  1. I know exactly where she’s coming from. I’m not into the whole performing arts thing, But with an 8mm lobe, 6 other lobe piercings, anti-tragus and tragus piercing, top of my ear pierced, nose and belly button pierced, and a tattoo on my ankle, I’m the most heavily modified person at my school of over 800 students.
    Must say I enjoyed experimenting with play piercing, and she is a very stunning girly :]

  2. Yes I’m pretty sure that they’d notice she’s posing in her undies with half her butt out before the piercings haha 😛

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous (and has a really nice booty)! The pictures are very well done, too.

    And she’s smiling! I’m always glad to see people featured on here who are smiling – it doesn’t actually happen very often.

  4. *chuckles* I know how she feels about being the most modded in her school.

    Gorgeous pictures – hope to see more from her soon =)

  5. while i do think she has a lovely bum, i would like all of us to focus on her hair for a moment – absolutely beautiful!

  6. Yeah, I was the most modded kid in my school too. I still get weird questions about my ears. you’d think people had seen it before, but apparently not.

  7. owh, she’s so pretty! i want to become an actor as well, and i’ve got some mods. so i’m hoping for people to accept it, not be so uptight about it.
    i think she’ll make it 🙂 !

  8. Well, Anna, I’m at your school, and I have almost as many mods as you 🙂

    Funny how I stumbled on this.

    P.S. I saw your hood. You should know who it is.

  9. aw, she has a really pretty expression on her face in that pic!.. cute, cute!

    hm, even with just nose, tongue, belly button and nipple pircings & three small tats, I was always the most heavily modified person at my school, too.

  10. She’s so cute….how can you push into counseling such a cute face that works on decorationg herself…….morality CANNOT bypass good taste 🙂

  11. My want to get into acting/theater is what’s holding me back from getting tattoos and finishing off my piercings.

    She’s very pretty. :o)

  12. I think it’s pretty rad that she does what she likes even when faced with the judgment of others.
    And she IS beautiful, like everyone else has said.

    Go you, Anna!!!

  13. haha, shannon, i love your “click-thru’s”

    i really like this one, even thought here is no nudity.

    ba-dunk-a-dunk though=)

  14. True, she IS stunningly beautiful, but I’m not entirely sure why she is posing in her underwear..,

  15. hahaha
    #45? are you seriously complaining that shes posing in her underwear? ? ? wooooohooooooo I’m not!!!

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