18 thoughts on “Traditional Grip

  1. xroryx what is that supposed to mean?

    Anyway, that’s a cool tattoo, i dig it. Maybe it’s my inner drummer that it appeals to 🙂

  2. I wonder when hes going to get the drum added, or is it like playing the air guitar:)


    Best. tattoo. ever.

    although the grip on the right hand is technically a little off…

  4. I agree with AaronB, the left hand should be gripping the stick almost halfway up the stick. /nerding out (drumline does that to you).

  5. I think this happens to be one of my favorite tattoos..of all times. mainly because i am a big fan of the drums…

  6. There’s tons of variations on traditional grip (and match, for that matter) and that one is hardly anything like the one I use XD

    Totally awesome idea though, and I am jealous. haha.

    Also I wouldn’t add a drum. 🙂

  7. #14: Kay, “jazz grip” is a slang term. Traditional and matched grips are the two….well… traditional terms.


  8. #3; the “Flam Paradiddle Diddle” still always makes me giggle. I wish I had the room for my kit in my new place. =(

  9. What a great tattoo…

    What ever happened to the bloke with drumsticks tattooed up his forearms?

    They were snazzy too…

    Hell, ModBlog should just have a ‘Music’ section 😀

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