Hot Balls! Don’t drop them!

You may have seen these in the weekend’s BME/HARD update, but because Phil doesn’t read German I don’t think the explanation was posted.

‘J’ had a rather nasty injury when a CBT game went too far — after tying off his nuts, he temporarily immersed them in boiling water. Unfortunately it was a bit much, and the skin was badly burned, leaving him with an open scrotum — it took nearly three months to heal. He’s fine, but I think will definitely set a lower time limit for nut roasts!

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106 thoughts on “Hot Balls! Don’t drop them!

  1. Oops, I know what i is, everytime I try to make soft-boiled eggs, they turn to hard-boiled ones ;)

  2. Or, one could say “Great Balls of Fire”…oh wow, I don’t have balls, and I’m clenching my legs here! How long do you have to submerge them to sustain that sort of injury?

    That guy must have one hell of a pain threshold – I’m amazed he’s even able to lift his hand to hold his penis up for the first pic. Every guy I know would be passed out or curled up screaming at the point. Or maybe he got really good painkillers. Which leads to the question…what did he tell the guys at the ER???


    I have nothing left to say. My testicles empathize.

  4. that had to fucking hurt, imagine the irritation from steam in the shower. although if he’s interested in castration that’s one way to get to your nuts.

  5. Although I imagine the healing would be annoying, I can’t see that hurting tooo intensely to do (put them in hot water, that is).

    Or maybe I just have an insensitive scrotum :)

  6. You know, normally the more painful things just make me cringe and wonder why, why in the world did I click on a blurred photo with so much RED in it, but painful though this must have been, I’ve never seen exposed balls look so clean before; it’s kinda hot.

    On the downside, I imagine pants of any kind will be quite the hassle for the duration of the healing. And switching to skirts (assuming the owner of the testicles doesn’t already wear skirts on a regular basis) could prompt uncomfortable questions.

  7. Ive seen a lot of things like this before…but thats just the worst and possibly the absolute stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

  8. Oh wow, they remind me of some of the parts in the Body Worlds exibit… except obviously that guy is alive.

  9. When you boil your nuts it’s gonna mess them up.
    It just is.
    This guy is lucky he even has nuts and they weren’t injured to the point of having to have them removed. Whether he seeds are whacked, who knows?
    Three months is a long time to heal and anywhere in that time he could’ve developed a resistant infection (among other things).

    Boil your Nuts=Bad Idea

  10. i am assuming (for my sanity) that the right hand picture is not fully healed? and if not, as i assume it can’t be, when do we get to see a fully healed picture?

    inquiring minds must know!

  11. ouch mate… speedy recovery to you.

    and whoever asked, CBT stands for cock and ball torture.

    maybe not quite so hot next time…
    on the upside, once the skin grows back they’ll be extra sensitive.

  12. what degree burn is it? i can’t decide. if it’s third degree, as the amount of time to heal would suggest, then rest assured that the pain wouldn’t be insurmountable as he would have damaged all of his nerves…unfortunately for good.

    the picture doesn’t really look like a third degree burn and it doesn’t look as if they grafted any skin. me thinks he is experiencing great pain and regret….

  13. *jaw drops*

    oh my word!



    that cant be much fun. i’m glad it healed well and that all is fine now, but i guess these are the risks of cbt play session involving boiling water.

  14. Leave your balls alone. You don’t see women pouring boiling water on their ovaries do you?

  15. Holy Shit that’s NUTS (pardon the pun). The things people will do to get their picture on modblog. LOL

  16. CBT also stands for Compulsory Bike Test in the UK so you can imagine the surprise I got finding out one of my mates was paying £70 for CBT last month :-DDDDD

    Luckily his helmet stayed on throughout.

  17. I will never be able to look at a boiled peanuts stand again without the memory of this entry flashing in my brain.

  18. wow, in all my years on bme that has to be the nastiest thing i have ever seen, and i have seen a lot on here!

  19. It’s always a shock when doing violent things to yourself actually causes an injury.

  20. I’m female, and my legs are firmly crossed, like it’s gonna help *lol*
    As said up there *points* they Really do look like they’re gonna fall out…
    Hope everything heals well soon

  21. The only thing that I can think of is “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.” Might be horribly inappropriate, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind, complete with annoying Christmas carol tune.

  22. At least we all learnt from this photo-putting your ball into boiling water is a baaad idea.

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  24. Friggin hell I cannot imagine the pain he suffered doing this, only hope he thought it was worth it.
    ouch ouch ouch

  25. Woah. I’m with the group that thinks this probably didn’t hurt incredibly bad to DO, but healing has to be a huge pain in the ass (or, uh, balls?) and really really uncomfortable.

  26. Good christ! Can’t say i’ve ever wanted to see what that part of the scrotum looks like but now I have, for future curiosity.

  27. He’s got a wedding band on? I wonder how his partner feels about this. I hope he/she is very understanding and a good caretaker. Hell, for all I know he/she did the dipping.

  28. I´m a CBT (“cognitive behaviour therapy”) psychologist and psychotherapist. That´s also hilarious to state in body modification-settings…

  29. …what a story that guy has to tell. he’ll get in an argument and be like “yeah? well one time i submerged my balls in boiling water.” -silence- he wins.

  30. 32 – True, he should totally have proposed imself as a walking anatomy lesson.

    I hope he had fun during the initial play at least…

  31. Esmeralda- That would have totally ruled. He could even be posing with the other corpses while holding a cup of boiling water. We’re on to something here…

  32. #49 – It always worries me when they say “your CBT will last a whole day… and you must do it every 2 years…” especially since I am a girl… :p

  33. hey AJ, I doubt he did this as a way to get on modblog…and…gah, that looks sooooo weird

  34. Well I think I am the only one who doesn’t find this gross. I really think it’s very neat looking. I am not considering doing it myself. But I do find it very interesting and very intriguing. The thought of doing this crossed my mind quickly, but I let it pass

    #73 I am unsure if that is a wedding band as it looks to be on the right hand

  35. Holy hell,my bits hurt and I don’t even have balls!

    This is why I stay well clear of such things because while it’s fun in the moment,you always have to clean it up afterwards…

  36. CBT is a cool!! :P

    “…where girls learn to piss on commando”!

  37. okay like theres a point of body modification to make someone unique and utterly beautiful to look at. but why do sumthing stupid like this.
    only for one thing. cuz there lonely fucks that are starving for attention. i feel bad for you.

  38. Got a freez burn from a minus 40 degree metal at my balls.
    felt the same like the picture above, but looked not so bad, but i needed cream.

  39. WTF? Really? I hope he boiled them enough so he can never have kids. That way, at least this will have served some good to the world by keeping the gene pool just a little bit cleaner.

  40. well i always wanted to try this but… i cutted my own teticule with an exacto and the pain was unbelievable it took me 3 hours off slow slicing without pain killer … i almost bleeded to death i fall 3 time on the ground unconsiensous even if i did that… burning his tetiscules in boiling water is really harder to do i think

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