20 thoughts on “Constant Elevation Interview

  1. Haha wicked interview Roo!
    (and Ben and Alice too naturally).

    And gorgeous pictures the whole way through.

  2. ooh look it’s alice! this article makes me ridiculously proud of the UK ‘mod scene’ (urgh what a horrible phrase, but I can’t think of a better one)

  3. Enjoyed the interview very mucho…lol how many times will I look at someone with pink hair and feel envy? Until I dye mine that colour…that’s how many, which is almost as many times as I promise myself I will suspend.

  4. Yes Ben, we know, you’re French. You can’t use that as an excuse all your life though

    eh ben merde alors… et moi qui pensait que ça excusait tout!

  5. Good grief how many times has this lady suspended. I got to admit I cringed at a couple of the pics, but the both look so happy together, nice to see.

  6. thats so cute. and i recognize the girl from her chestpiece scissors. shes been on here before for them. update with her finished scissors?

  7. If you guys ever get married, there’s only one way you could do it!

    “Underwater wedding, pah – we were swinging when we exchanged vows!”

  8. Yay for you folks 🙂

    Oh – and I finally made ModBlog! Sort of… way in the background & blurry holding ropes for the bike :p

  9. Yeah man! sounds like you are on a roll Ben, looking forward to meeting your lovely lady and seeing you again. I might even pluck up the courage to suspend myself sometime… maybe!

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