33 thoughts on “Randy Adams (Fort Worth, TX) Sleeve

  1. She is just…*drools* Too cute! I’ve always been a fan of really vibrant, colourful tattoo’s like these. Her piercings also suit her perfectly and my oh my do I have a weakness for a girl with glasses.

  2. Can I have her? She is just too damn hot.
    The glasses, the big nostrils, the colorful/awesome sleeve… What more could one ask for?
    Sometimes I wonder why I’m straight.

  3. She is incredibly beautiful. The glasses+piercings really fit her, and her sleeve is great. Also, is that scarification I see on her chest, or is my depth perception waaay off and that’s her collarbone?

  4. I’m almost afraid to date myself with this comment, but would that sleeve be Pirates of Dark Water themed? Even if it isn’t, it reminds me of that.

  5. Awesome. Beautiful mods all around. I even like the implant on her chest and I’m not crazy about most implants.

  6. is it just me or are BME boys and girls are getting even better looking?

    im loving her nose especialy. but all of her and all her mods look great. very pretty lady

  7. holy shit, thank you so much for reminding me of pirates of dark water!

    and I love love love the colors in all of those tattoos!


  8. You’re welcome Kirstin. I really need a tattoo based on that show, it was quite possibly the best cartoon EVER.

  9. Im a fan of the very brightly coloured tattoos, and this one is blended beautifully.
    I would love to see it up close in the flesh, the design looks awesome.
    Very pretty girl, she’s got the same glasses as me.

  10. A) Lovely tats and piercings and B) I, too, loved Pirates of Dark Water. That show kicked ass. 🙂

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