29 thoughts on “Gangsta Script “Click”

  1. Er…… what?

    Even with your explanation I don’t understand.

  2. Feeling the nerd tattoos lately.

    And that phone bill makes me want to call people.

  3. he clicks the mouse with that hand i assume. and phone bill i recon is just coz it was on the table. lol. that my theory.

  4. nice for the photographer to post peoples phone numbers everywhere

    hope they’re nobodys personal!

  5. Since this entry was titled “Gansta Script”, I was thinking the “click” meant something else.

  6. “the computer-enslaved wearer explains, “it’s my clicking hand.””

  7. Oh he’s a gangsta !!

    Wow ! How cool is he that he has to let us know which hand he uses to click the gun with.

    What a wonderful shining example he is both to the tattooing community and to those trying to stop gang and gun culture within young black communities.

    Maybe he should also have ‘KUNT’ tattooed on him. (see later entry).

  8. The first thing that came to mind when seeing this…was, well this may sound strange-but when you hang up on someone. Then again why would it be on the outter wrist for that, yah know? I dunno…just my thought. I didn’t think guns or clicking on a mouse or anything 🙁

  9. So is it a mouse clicking tat or a shite gangsta one?

    Either way it’s fucking useless.

    Pretentious? Moi?

  10. as a typophile, i must say the script could (should?) have been rendered much much better. byt hat i mena, it is not a nice looking script at all and the kerning is off.

  11. For FUCK’S SAKE Giles!!

    1) It is a mouse-clicking tattoo. As in the sound that the button on a mouse makes when you press it.

    2) “Gangsta” refers to the style of the script used in the tattoo.

    3) Saying a tattoo is “useless” is a totally redundant comment. What would a “useful” tattoo be, your address and phone number tattooed on your hand or your name tattoed on your forehead?

    4) Yes, you are a pretentious fuck.

  12. Chaq – Exactly what am I pretending to be? A critic of truly poor tattoos?

    Maybe I should cut’n’paste “Wow that’s like so cool man” and simplt insert it after each tattoo I like? Would you be happier?

    Luckily I was born with both a functioning brain and ability to distinguish between the good and the bad. This is a bad piece of work.

    Am sorry you feel unable to offer illuminating critique of poor work but that is your problem not mine.

  13. Giles, I didn’t say you were pretending to be anything, I said you were pretentious. One is pretentious when one makes a claim to great merit or importance, which you are doing when you present yourself as the arbiter of tattoo usefulness and quality.
    And don’t feel sorry for me being “…unable to offer illuminating critique of poor work…”, it was you after all who could only come up with the comment that the tattoo was “shite”.

  14. Giles- Out of subject but by curiosity, I was wondering why do you use 2 names here ? I just saw your picture on another site and recognized the other nick, just curious 🙂

  15. Am trying to figure out which name is the one I previously used that allowed people to click straight to my IAM account.

    I thought it might be either Mistah G, Giles or Giles Wallwork but none show up as red and none take you to my IAM account !!!!!

  16. You just posted a link for your IAM 😛 And I was talking about MistahG yep (saw it on the other site) , anyways, doesn’t really matter, it’s just a small world.

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