Celtic Shamrock

Now, the core picture in this design (the “celtic shamrock”) is fairly common and is probably on quite a few sheets of flash, but I think this is a good example of how you can take a popular motif and tattoo it a little bigger, a little cleaner, a little brighter, and with a few extra features (like the negative space clovers) and turn it from overdone to something unique and far more effective. This tattoo is by Justin Weatherholtz at Wizard’s World in Douglassville, PA.

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35 thoughts on “Celtic Shamrock

  1. The colors are wonderful in the tattoo they compliment each other great! Awesome tattoo!!

  2. Fuuuuck. I lalalove it. It happens to be my favorite color[green] and I love the smaller shamrocks that aren’t any color. Those really pop out to me. :] Kuddo’s to the artist

  3. I love how some of the background green weaves in and out of the main design, and i’m a sucker for celtic knotwork anyday…

  4. an excellent example of taking something popular and making it unique again. very well done ^_^

  5. I live in Boston, and I am bored to tears with all the crappy shamrock tattoos I see. That being said, if I bumped into this bloke, I’d compliment him on his good taste.

  6. Damn nice. I usually am not a fan of multi-color tattoos, but this is quite pleasing.

  7. this is pretty, but not a true celtic knot, which bugs me. i love the negative space clovers, though.

  8. nice to see someone willing to get it the size it needs to be……too many little tiny pussy versions of this!…..

  9. I still don’t like the subject matter or how it looks (not my thing), but I’m so relieved to finally see a shamrock tattoo that is well done, and bigger than a 50c piece! (Aussie 50c piece that is).

    Good on him for making it his own and going to an obviously talented artist!

  10. i dig the shamrock, but could’ve done without the green zombie flesh background.

    the shamrock’s dope, though.


    i love how the weaving is encorporated from the background into the shamrock itself, furthering the whole celtic knot idea

  12. that is incredibly pretty. lovely contrasting colors and the shamrock-shaped missing pieces i particularly love!

  13. Those colours are phenomenal, the use of negative space. The overlapping and depth. This piece is really quite striking.

    That central symbol in the middle of each shamrock leaf is called a Triqueta it’s a symbol for the trinity (depending on your faith that could be the christian trinity, triple goddess or past, present and future).

  14. when i saw that photo, the first thing i thought was “damn, i’d fancy a guiness right now”

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