Hangin’ There: Suspension Art

Mari (more) just sent me this pretty suspension painting she did inspired by some of the suspension pictures on ModBlog (note to the jealous: I didn’t get an actual painting, just an email). Oh yeah, and if you didn’t notice, I added an Art subsection that I’ll start posting to I hope, and I’ve moved a “what’s new on BME” list of galleries into the left bar, and you should see a search form in the next day or two as well!


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45 thoughts on “Hangin’ There: Suspension Art

  1. wow that is fucking amazing i would love to have that on my wall in the living room

  2. Wow, that’s sweet. I hope more of the talented people around here submit their art with the new category!!

  3. sweet! I really love this style. I would also love it if the caption was “hang in there” like the ’70′s kitten poster

  4. Swank. =3
    (Maybe I’ll send in some suspension art too. I did a drawing series on it.)

  5. I love it…the idea, the design,and especially the Tim Burton-esque touch of the colors

  6. OK, no offense to the artist, but it’s a couple of photos of suspensions, traced then filled over a background of a photo of thorns against a wall. Add some duplicated resized frilly bits and a transparent gradient and call it a day. Photoshop 101.

  7. Redelicious – I don’t think that’s any offense to the artist. Graphic design is often about taking simple actions to achieve something aesthetically effective.

  8. hey! thank you all so much for the positive comments, im stunned. and yeah for the Redelicious: i HAVE done the lines by HAND on PAPER and the scanned, and not traced but done in illustrator, then i added the photo i’v done in the bg. photoshop is ok but it hasnt been used on this pic almost atall. but yeah im not offensed because usually graphic design is just that ;)
    somebody sayd something about the tattoos ;) i have designed a few , nothing speacial. but i have orders to do more.

    i thinked last night should i do real painting of this and send to shannon :} he make my day afterall..

  9. This is a great example of simple yet effective art. Might pilfer it for my Iam site. *cough*

  10. Very nice artwork, the suspensions work well also as a shirt print (I’ve seen it!) :)

    Hehe, that Photoshop 101 is about as exhaustive as: Just find a chapel, take a brush, lie on your back, paint the ceiling and call it a day. Painting 101. :D

  11. As an artist myself, I must say this is gorgeous.
    Really impresive. I love how it flows….
    And Shannon, great idea to make an “Art” category -
    I’m eager to fill it up for ya (-:

  12. Really reminds me of the art in the Little Apple Dolls booklets, nice work!

  13. Redelicious: didnt shannon say that i was inspired by the pictures here, i didint say that i invented those poses.
    and yes i did the poses first by hand, you dont believe me? come here and check the drawings out. and then i give you some Finnish hospitality and take you behind Sauna!

  14. just looking at it you can tell it was done in illustrator rather than photoshop.

    it’s very lovely no matter how you did it.

  15. However is was done, I still say it’s beautiful.
    Honestly, sometimes the simplest way to do something produces the most amazing results. The idea can be the most difficult part of creation, I never woulf have thought of doing something like this.
    I would be honored if someone found something I had done or a picture of me and created something like this out of it.

  16. Haha, lyra, you’re my new favorite person.

    And completely unrelated, I’m mostly Finnish, but I pronounce it “wrong” and my parents and I always argue about how to say “sauna”.

  17. “just looking at it you can tell it was done in illustrator rather than photoshop.” …….. it can be done with the photoshop pen tool.

    i’m not sure how it could be done “by hand on paper” and “done in illustrator” at the same time…. maybe i’m misunderstanding.


  18. oh and to creativenonfiction — until i lived in the very northern tip of michigan, i didn’t know there were two ways to say “sauna” …. and to this day i don’t know whether to say “saw-nah” or “sow-nah”.

  19. hmh my note didnt print like it should.. missing :(thanks again fo the wonderful comments) ok i sketched it in paper u know and then skanned the paper and by that , over that i draw on comp, illlustrator. that easy! oh and the sauna :D the spelled: sauna. each character (consonant or vowel) is always pronounced the same way, i.e. Finnish is pronounced exactly as spelled (and vice versa).but i guess you could say “sow-nah”

  20. def. very good vector work. like the lines of the faces.
    somehow the hands are not easy to from…

  21. I don’t know any Finnish, no one in my family speaks it any more. My great grandma (98 or so) can speak it, but never does. So pronouncing it with my bland mid-western dialect, I say it nearly as, “sana” where as my parents say, “Sowna”.

    And Bijou, my grandparents & great grandma (only one left) live in the UP of Michigan, and my parents grew up there for the most part. I was raised, however, in mid-eastern Wisconsin.

  22. hhm it’s really hard to explane but you twist the letters . like: you say s: [es] we say: [äs], a:[ei] a [aa], u[ju] u [uu], n [en] n[än],a:[ei] a [aa]. A sauna (IPA pronunciation: ['sɔ:nə] or ['saʊnə], Finnish ['sɑunɑ])(wikipedia) i suck this :D

  23. Oh wow, that is just beautiful. Wonderful job Mari.

    As to the person who complained about using the photos. In the art world this is called “using a reference” and is completely acceptable. It’s not much different than using a live model (except the downsides of not having 3 dimensions to look at) and is neccesary some times, I’m not sure many people would want to be suspended for the length of time it can take to create a painting or sculpture.

    I have a suspension sculpture almost done that I’m going to submit (I know it’s a shameless plug but check my website and look for Odin’s Runesong for work in progress shots). It’s great that you add an art subsection, I hope to see a lot more mod related art.

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