Play Piercing and Heart Chakra Tattoo

This is from a kink performance that Kristin did in Gainesville, but I’m actually posting it more because I’m a fan of heart chakra tattoos in general…

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10 thoughts on “Play Piercing and Heart Chakra Tattoo

  1. I like them too. Immediately after I saw the Mandala tattoo posted in the religious gallery on bmezine, I wondered who it was! (Partly because, you know, pale skin + boobs + black hair + tattoos = hot sex.) Now I know… if the person in the religious gallery and this Kristin here are the same woman.

  2. hmm…i wonder which gainesville. florida perhaps? if so, i wish i had known about it. :(

  3. I would love to see her chest ink up close it looks very intricate.

  4. There should be close-ups either on my Iam page or in the tattoo section. Yes, this was Gainesville Florida- I did a performance there about a year ago. Thanks for the comments of hotness.

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