Taking a smoke break

Hey, sticking a smoke in your freshly removed implant hole that’s potentially compromized the structure of your skull may not be the greatest idea, but it’s probably safer than other things people do with cigarettes. Let alone just smoking! PS. Great facial scars!

Previously: smoking feet, smoking girls, smoking zombies, smoking assholes, and smoking labrets… And various smoke breaks during suspension, suspension with pizza and beer, and in the middle of bloodplay.

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32 thoughts on “Taking a smoke break

  1. for some odd reason seeing that in the hole makes me cringe
    looks awsome tho

  2. well, that certainly looks like a bad idea, seing he’s a heave-modded man, I guess he knows his body’s response to such things though

  3. I guess it’s a testimony to reading BME often and intensely that that doesn’t bother me in the least…

    that guy is attractive beyond reason, though. I really like the black line on his lips/chin..

  4. Very hansom :) I really really like the line tattoo, I think it suits him perfectly. You know, it’s weird I hardly noticed the smoke, haha.

  5. Not something I’d do personally, but then again, I don’t have that much courage. I really, really love the lip tattoo, makes him ten times more handsome than he already is.

  6. It always puzzles me how cuts on foreheads look really deep, but when I feel my own forehead, it seems that there are only bare millimetres of tissue before my skull. Maybe it’s just me?

  7. kudos for how deep it is.. I’ve only been able to go that deep in my arm and smoking from there just doesn’t taste the same. I love the stitched up scar on the other side too.

  8. I love these types of facial tattoo’s they make me weak at the knees

  9. Haha! That’s hilarious and awesome. Irresponsible? Maybe. But so what! I got a laugh out of it.

    The body is capable of dealing with a lot worse than this, and assuming the cigarette isn’t infected with an especially horrible virus, he’ll be just fine.


    About a month ago i saw apic that was pretty identical to that and went about bashing this said person/artist…

    alas, i take it back…. it has some humor to it.

  11. Actually I got a chuckle out of it – surprisingly, for me. Maybe b/c it’s so obviously tongue-in-cheek and meant to look goofy, who knows. And it’s not lit, so there’s no wisps of smoke to lace the wound with chemicals etc., and probably hadn’t seen any oral bacteria yet (hopefully), so I’d guess it’d be no biggie if it was cleaned out (the wound) after – I’m guessing it was stitched, or at least Steri-Strip’ed? So unless the person closing it up was a complete chimp, I’m guessing it was washed out prior to closing. I’m somewhat amused.

  12. Aaargh!! Yowch – I have a pain behind my knees now!
    Totally agree with the hotness of his facial tattoo and I also love hisneck ones.
    Very handsome and cheeky guy.

  13. I just couldn’t even stop laughing for the picture. We did irrigate the incision thoroughly afterwards

  14. I remember seeing the pics to go along with this when he just had the implants removed. Ben rocks x 10000!!!!

  15. and my parents always told me bad things happen to people when they smoke, i had no idea…lol

  16. i love this, cant see any reason for it to be particularly unhealthy, its not lit!

    whatta good looking guy as well! loving the facial stripe!

  17. Just so you know an earlier example of something like this was used in a class in fourth year med school, It was a sort of a “What would you do if this person came into the urgency room?” . The teacher recommended that a psychiatrist and preferably a relative are available at an early treatment for evaluation of the patients’ capability of living by himself.


  18. I totally thought it was a prostetic at first like the kind you get for halloween

  19. That line tattoo really suits him, so well that I barely noticed it until I took a second look! Like Halo said, it makes him look quite handsome (not that he isn’t already, mind you!). Nice.

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