A couple more performance shots from Ze

These two photos (click through for the second one) are both from a crucifixion performance that Ze did in Italy.

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17 thoughts on “A couple more performance shots from Ze

  1. I dont want to sounds like a stuck up snobby person [although thats probably what im going to sound like] but i find it disrespectful to stick the cross through a piercing. I see the cross as something that should be greatly respected. I dont know…just speaking my opinion! Try not to rip me a new ass hole!=]

  2. “Yeah, because the cross has had such respect for others…?”
    Sorry, Shannon, but the cross can’t really have respect for others -it’s a symbol. One that, yes, has at times been abused, but that doesn’t mean that others don’t see it as incredibly holy and/or worthy of respect for what it represents to them.
    Normally I’m pretty anti-organized religion, but you do have to respect other people’s right to respect their symbols. Then again, simply using a crucifix in his performance does not imply that Ze is trying in any way to disrespect anything – he is simply giving his performance a cultural context, and could very possibly be doing that with the utmost of respect, just in his own way…

  3. C’mon, the crucifix was a tool of torture/execution, it had people tied and nailed to it ffs, I don’t think sticking it through a piercing even comes close to its original use.

    Whatever symbolic value you place on it, it’s still just an oldschool ‘leccy chair, not a fluffy bunny, let’s get this in perspective please!

  4. Live and let live, each to their own… better to soak in the beauty of the performance than worry about other shit

  5. LOL, “oldschool leccy chair!”

    I model for an artist with a love for white body paint – have now realised how good blackwork looks underneath it.

  6. “Yeah, because the cross has had such respect for others…?”

    Obviously not, seeing as its an inanimate object!? Im a religious person, you’re not. We live, we die, and Twinkies get stale.

  7. very interesting…
    is it done to become closer to jesus, like self mutilation for penance or is it done to be disrespectful?
    either way, very interesting.. and i don’t know how i feel about volunteer crucifixion… this might sound naive but, ouch?

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