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Note – There is an error in the banner above – The suspension school is actually taking place on Saturday June 30th!

Big News! To coincide with upcoming BME Toronto events: BMEfest 2007 and MODPROM 2, BME will also be hosting a small private suspension seminar class for body art professionals only. The class will be led and taught by Allen Falkner ( and assisted by some of the most well trained professional suspension practitioners in the world. Confirmed teaching assistants are Emrys Yetz, Jill Allen, Jon Pett and Jason Shaw with possibly more to be announced.

The Suspension school seminar is a rare opportunity for piercers to further raise their skill level and become a strong and active part of almost any suspension team/event. Due to the nature of the class and that we only have one day to present the seminar, emphasis will be placed on safety as well as the practical discipline and mechanical practice behind how body suspension works as well as an important lecture on the history of modern body suspension.

This is an intermediate/advanced level course, so it’s primarily intended for piercers and people who already have a solid and practical understanding of skin, contamination control, and so on (no suspension-specific experience is needed) but you must already be able to demonstrate a professional understanding of bloodborne pathogens and the principles of infection control.

To ensure that everyone has a complete hands on experience the classes will be kept small, only 15 student spots are available. There is a charge to attend the seminar (approximately $200 CAD) to cover expenses such as supplies, space rental and flying up the instructors!

There will be a few scholarship spots available to apply for as well so don’t worry if you don’t have any money*.

If you’d like to come to learn, please sign the RSVP on the events page and we will contact you as soon as registration opens up. The class will also require a few suspension “test subjects” for the students to work on, if you would like to apply for this please email me** and I will reply with an application form, however there are no guarantees you will be selected.

And finally let’s all remember that “Rome Was Not Built In A Day” and as professionals you did not learn to pierce overnight. It is our goal with this seminar to educate and empower you as body art professionals. This class will not certify anyone to be a solo suspension practitioner but more a very strong addition to any professional suspension team where you will then gain further experience and confidence in your practice.

We are actively looking for sponsors for the event – if you have something you can offer please contact me for our wish list.

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected].

*Scholarship application requests may be forwarded to [email protected] with the email title “Scholarship application request”. You will then be sent the application to fill out and send back to me by June 1, 2007, no later!

**Student test subjects or guinea pig application requests can also be emailed to [email protected] with the subject tittle “Student test subject”.

18 thoughts on “Summer Suspension School

  1. Not why in canada why not closer to me in canada!!!!!!!!!!!!! common bring it to calgary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. from what i know in the new laws of florida.. in order to perform body suspension a “doctor” must put in the hooks on the subject that will be hanging……I was wondering who will determine who is knowledgeable enough to attend.

  3. This is not the first time an event like this has taken place and hopefully will not be the last.

    The event is in Toronto and not Florida because that is where BME fest is this year, BME fest is in Toronto because thats where BME world HQ is located it makes it easyer for us to plan these events if we live where they are happening.

    Also the laws vary widley state to state as to what you can do regarding body play. If you want a class taught in your city first look into local legisation and then contact Allen Falkner and inquire about his rates and ryder.

    You also can come to toronto like 300 other people attend BME fest maybe modprom and even apply to take the seminar.

    hope to see you this year!

  4. godamit!!!! and i’m on the other corner of the continent ¬¬
    i just hate it
    but my best wishes for all of u that are gonna attend da class…it’s VERY worth it…

  5. The good kind of rolling, or the “Holy shit, I’m on fire!” type of rolling? :p

  6. Awwww man….times like this where I wish I was a piercer……would love to have the oportunity to attend this event….just to be a fly on the wall would be sweet.

  7. @#4 : That`s precisely what I have in mind (just on a smaller scale). But still, as far as I see this, putting something like this together takes more financial commitment than a (too?) large portion of this community would feel comfortable with – and that’s putting it politely.
    To everybody in Europe: if you look at the events page, there`s two suspension workshops taking place on the old continent this season: one in the UK early next month and another
    one in Germany
    in August. So, no excuse not to attend one on grounds of “too far away” 🙂

  8. Best of luck from over the pond with the event Bastian!

    Regarding Fakir, if he was dead. Fakir teaches seminars all the time about body play to professional piercers the only reason he could have to be upset is that it is his oldest aprentice teaching the class not him.

    “Sith Masters take apprentices despite knowing that eventually that apprentice will probably kill them.”

  9. I am interested in doing vertical suspension in Toronto at the end of this summer.
    Could you direct me to a shop or crew that would?

    Thank you Trevor Heydens

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