54 thoughts on “Artichoke Tattoo

  1. Again not quite sure why anyone would want an artichoke tattoo – though it does match her eyes nicely. The coloring is lovely, too. (And as a vegetarian, artichokes are my friend. Mmm hmm.)

  2. i actually think it looks odd with the frame around the artichoke .. is she planning on adding more to the arm?

  3. The artichoke is magic, it’s the only vegetable that, after it’s eaten, there are more things in your plate than before.

  4. I saw this the other day and thought it was great.

    I noticed the placement first and foremost and that’s what drew me in. I love unusually placed tattoos.

    She has such a classic beauty, I think the style of the tattoo compliments that.

  5. Wow, I really like this tattoo. I love the placement and I love that it’s an artichoke. And the green is fantastic! It’s so vibrant and … well, green. All in all a very attractive tattoo.

  6. Tattoos of vegetables and fruits are my favorite ( I have two myself) but artichokes suck trying to eat, it’s so much work for so little reward

  7. pretty girlie!
    and neat tattoo.
    I have to agree though, strange placement.

  8. sutton place gourmet was a gourmet food store (somewhere between the fanciness of a whole foods and a dean & deluca). now it’s the exact same thing only they call it balducci’s (it was bought out). not quite as charming of a logo though.

    and that’s my story about that.

  9. I like artichokes. And getting a tattoo of one is like getting a rosebud. The arti is a big thistle bud. (They taste good and are pretty in bloom as well.)

    Now we need an asparagus tattoo!

  10. #20, yes Tim works at AON now, but that is just as of the past few months. He previously worked in Pittsburgh and that’s when she got this done.

  11. Google image search Sutton Place Gourmet. That’s it right down to the border.

    And in North Italy where my wife is from they cook and eat the whole artichoke. Nothing left on the plate!

  12. This reminds me of that Wayside School story where that kid got a potato tattoo and no one understood why. Anyone remember that?

  13. omg kenna yes! i was just discussing that story with a friend the other day! our grade 4 teacher read us all the wayside school books, and even then i remember thinking that a tattoo in elementary school wouldn’t be such a good idea, haha

  14. wow. shes so gorgeous. i like the coloring a lot but i agree with some that the placement prob wasnt the best.

  15. “you’ll never be a vegetable – even artichokes have hearts!”

    definitely the first thing that came to mind when i saw this. i like it.

  16. It would be such a nice tattoo if only it wasn’t on my daughter….(sigh).

  17. Gotta agree the placement is simply miserable. Even the small of the back would’ve been better, doh! Beautiful girl though and artichokes are good. Sadly I see no mayo… A fucking artichoke tattoo – now I’ve seen everything…

  18. One more thing – gotta question the artist; that is a verrrry, verrrry clumsy frame around the choke, doesn’t even look like the artist managed to balance the placement of the choke in the frame nor the frame inside her arm – and not a very well done choke at that. I love spontaneity as much as the next person but still – a little planing would’ve been wonderful. Gonna be a pain to cover up. I guess I just don’t get the choke!

  19. reminds me of thom yorke from radioheads lyric in atoms for peace. “peel all the layers off, i want to eat your artichoke heart!”

    but maybe i am wrong.

    nontheless this is a pretty neat tat

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