Biblical or Medical?


I figured I ought to wait until Sunday to post my new tattoo here since it’s scriptural in nature — my third scripture tattoo, which may surprise people, but even if you’re not Christian (I’m not), if you know the Bible well, scriptural references are an extremely efficient way of communicating). This is of course Matthew 5:30;

5:30  And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

The tattoo is on top of a large benign bone tumor that’s being removed this summer. The leg may or may not come off as well, but honestly, my attitude is pretty well summed up by Matthew 5:30. I’d rather have no leg than a gimpy leg or a leg that’s always in pain, and for whatever reason, reminding myself that this decision is ultimately inside my control helps me deal with the stress.

It’s brand-new-fresh in this photo and was done by the brilliant Chino who’s currently working here in Toronto at King of Fools. Best script artist in Toronto (not that that’s all he does!!!) in my opinion.


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33 thoughts on “Biblical or Medical?

  1. Whoo! Best of luck to you Shannon, and that verse really does fit the occasion :) Do you have your other scripture tats on here?

  2. good luck! i like the way your tattoo is done…it kind of makes my eyes feel funny.

  3. Now you just need “NOT THIS ONE” on the other leg, and you’re set :D. Good luck for your surgery.

  4. That’s beautiful. I love the meaning behind it and it would also be something nice to quote to people who are completely anti body modification (including surgeries). I’ve had my fair share and “I would’ve died” doesn’t always cut it.

  5. It’s such a uniqe and beautiful way to deal with such a hard thing, really inspiring.
    we’re with you
    You’re one strong person.
    good luck!

  6. Wow, good luck!

    That particular verse was a huge part of the book that I just finished reading (This Much Is True by Wally Lamb… I suggest everyone read it, it’s an amazing book). I love that verse.

  7. Its a great way to deal with something that is so devistating to you. Best of luck. I hope all goes well! Take care.

  8. My husband thinks you should build a guillotine if the time comes. It seems like it would be less messy and leave a more even wound.

  9. I admire your calm way of dealing with this, but I certainly don’t hope you’ll have to loose the leg.
    God speed, sir!

  10. Wow, I hope it’s all better as soon as possible – is it weird that the first thought that popped into my head was “Shannon would look great with a leg missing.”? Tactless maybe?

    Grr, I can think of lots of people that deserve intense pain, and you’re not one of them!

  11. Shannon, I know I don’t know you but judging from your posts and articles you’re on of those people that just won’t be brought down by anything. Way to deal and best wishes.

  12. Good luck Shannon – if you do lose the leg, you can get a funky peg-leg! My Mum just lost an eye to cancer and shes loving the eyepatches. Kids love pirate-y stuff!

  13. Beautiful lettering, and a beautiful concept. I am a Christian myself and though we don’t share the same faith, I’m glad you found some comfort in this verse.

  14. … also, I hope everything goes for the best with your leg. I pray that you have peace with whatever the circumstance.

  15. the implication of an amputated leg with a tattoo on it is strange to me…could you still say that you HAVE a tattoo that’s on a body part attached to you?

  16. btw, i hope you don’t have an amputated leg. just the gears turning

  17. I had a blood vessel tumour that took out most of my cartilage, part of my kneecap and fucked with most of the nerve, ligaments anf tendons in my knee. It’s still gimpy, the scar is fairly big (but nicely flat and hypertropic) and I can totally empathise with this.

    Your knee is such a foundation of movement that there is no real way not to use it. So it is constant pain a lot of the time. I’m lucky enough that it isn’t so bad, that I’m okay with being gimpy. But there are days that a nicely functioning stump, or prosthetic, is infintely preferable to the mass of pain, stiffness and oddness that is nerve damage.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide.

  18. Not on the same order as a leg, but I just had surgery for a benign tumor in the bone of one of my toes. Doc wanted to bone graft or web my toes together, I asked why not just lop it off? (I didn’t mention to him that it would be something to post on my iam page) Well, I’m hobbling around now with all my toes, some cadaver bone and a pin poking out the front. The only real bummer is that I had to remove my piercings (in case they had to grind bone out of my hip) and my apa closed up before I could gimp my way out to the piercing shop and get it tapered back open. Oh well, I’ll give the PA that remains a couple months… Just a setback.

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