Now that’s some asymmetry!

Skip Flotten’s right ear is a massive three and a half inches in size in this photo (and it’s now at 3 7/8″), but his little left ear is only at about an inch!

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52 thoughts on “Now that’s some asymmetry!

  1. Do I see painful looking ear collapse-age?

    This wouldn’t annoy me but it would annoy everyone I know!

  2. Why does it look like one big flat blowout? I mean, I’ve seen 4in. holes that dont makes the skin that full of scar and rotation. You know what I mean? I dont really like his ears, although he does look proud of them.

  3. haha i was walking around with my head tilted to the right side when my right ear was at 0g and the left one was still at 2g… no idea what i’d do if i was him. i would probably crawl on my right side or something.

  4. hm, I’m usually not a fan of any kind of facial tattoos, but this one looks pretty;)

  5. I’d be so damn frustrated if my holes weren’t the same size.I’m actually getting frustrated at the picture now but he looks adorable so I can’t get too irked:)

  6. I had a 2″ lobe when the other ear was only about 1/2″…. I think there’s a picture or two on my IAM page and on BME — that was about 15 years ago!

  7. One of my lobes stretches easily (and I stretched too fast at first , as well) and the other is too scarred from a horrible piercing-gun experience to stretch at a normal speed. I’ve got used to the asymmetry and now like it.

  8. “no idea what i’d do if i was him. i would probably crawl on my right side or something.”


  9. Shannon – I had a 2″ lobe when the other ear was only about 1/2″

    LOL That’s exactly the same as me now, give or take a milimetre.

  10. I have an 8g and a 6g.. guess that’s not as noticeable though eh?! I don’t mind asymmetry, as long as it’d balanced somehow.. that pic isn’t haha..

  11. I kept covering up one ear with my hand and then switching to the other to see if he would look better with really large or just plain large lobes but I think the different sizes work on him, I wonder why he decided to only stretch his right lobe that big and leave the other one alone

  12. Damn! My jaw literally dropped open and stayed that way as I tried not to think of all the negatives. It reminds me of an incident from nearly 30 years ago, when my baby cousin yanked the 3″ diameter gold earing out of his mother’s (my aunt’s) ear. She was trying not to curse, but I could see she was in pain. While Skip’s asymmetry looks cool, doesn’t he worry about accidents? I guess if he’s stretched the lobe as far as he has, then probably not.

  13. The fact that that’s asymmetric actually makes my skin crawl.
    I HATE IT.

  14. i didnt’ know “irks” was a word until i read through these comments

    and yeah, i wonder wheather he will stretch the other one.

    i’m surprised at how big that one is.

  15. I was sad enough to buy 2 tapers in order to stretch my lobes at an identical pace. Now thats not only a little OCD but also darned stupidity on my part since everyone knows that if you want your body to behave in a particular way, odds are it will suprise you and refuse to co-operate!

  16. The one on the left reminds me of bubble gum =(

    I think he’d look better being at an inch on each side. That’s my opinion. It’s his body to do whatever he wants to it.

  17. That’s some massive tunnels! Guess it’s soem kind of wood? Ebony?

  18. I love how even though they’re different sizes, that they’re the same plugs (from what I can see).
    I want to use his ear as a telescope or something.

  19. I’m not usually a fan of asymetry when it comes to earlobe stretching, but i have to admit that’s such a huge difference that it looks fantastic :)

  20. asymmetry rules.

    i have three stretched piercings in the left [8mm, 4mm, 2mm] and three standard piercings in the right. i love them.

  21. That’s going to be me :( One ear is 9/16″ and tough to stretch, the other is 7/8″ with 2mm to spare haha.

  22. first thing I saw was his beautiful facial tattoo, his ears don’t bother me one bit

  23. I dont like symmetry but I like balance…I have a 9/11ths in one ear and a 0 and a 2 in the other. When i continue to stretch i’ll stretch them logarithmicly.

  24. Hehe. ^^ I don’t really feel strongly about the way this looks on him one way or another. It suits him, I think, and he looks happy.

    What amuses me is how many people dislike asymmetry! I’ve been basing my piercings on being asymmetrical for a while now. My right ear is completely without piercings while the left has a 00, 6, and two cartilage 18s. I’ve got my right brow and the left side of my lip. So I’m definitely going for an unbalanced look.. but the thing is to me it looks awesome. And I get compliments on the unique aspect of it all the time.

    Asymmetrical modders untie!

  25. All I want to know: is that his real eye color or colored contacts? Nice portrait.

  26. This reminds me of that guy from the movie Lady in the Water. He only worked out one arm and one leg. So he had one buff side and one normal side. I don’t know where I was going with that……

  27. On him I like it, but myself… Well I’ll just say that this weekend I got two bone spirals and since they are natural, the spirals aren’t exactly the same. I find myself twisting them to get them to look as close to each other as possible!

  28. In response to #33-

    They are two different plugs. The 1″ plug is an SS tunnel with o-rings while the other one appears to be made of a completely different black material with flares. Perhaps silicone?

  29. I’m really glad to see this, the only time I’ve ever seen asymmetry and large sizes is if one lobe has snapped. My lobes don’t match, not to the extent of this guy, ones at 14, the other at 36. Theres no real reason why, the truth is, I just didn’t want the other one as big, I have other plans. Theres no symmetry in any of my piercings at all

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