Full body chastity cage

Mark from Permanent Bondage sends in these amazing shots of a very impressive custom chastity cage that he built (it attaches to a PA as well as the obvious encasement). Check out his site (or visit Mr. S to see one in person) or BME/HARD for more. Click to zoom in to these two.

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44 thoughts on “Full body chastity cage

  1. oh man. i started feeling panicky just looking at that.

    “oh noes” for the clastrophobics!

    but rad idea for those who like that :)

  2. anxiety levels would be extreme right theree.

    how come his face is blocked out? lol, you always block out the opposite of what should be.

  3. So the pirate in me just went, “Yarg! Lets see you get out of this one, Captain Jack Sparrow!”

    …but does he always have to wear the bodysuit when he gets in it? And talk about vulnerable!

  4. Totally not my thing, but that is an absolutely incredible piece of work. Someone’s got mad metalworking skills.

  5. That is gorgeous, absolute art. I actually saw it as armour before I read the text, but as bondage equipment, it’s just as beautiful.

  6. Hm. Looking at the website, this thing is even scarier! It looks like he’s bolted in with screws. The lack of a quick-release escape is terrifying. What happens in an emergency?

    Aside from that, it’s incredibly impressive! Awesome artistry. :) If I could get over the fear, it seems like it could be kinda fun to be rolled around inside that (though, for me, not sexually fun).

  7. I fail to see the appeal in this. Yay me! I’m stuck in a cage and cant do anything. Hell, if I sneeze I cant even wipe my snoot. No, I dont get it at all.

  8. “how come his face is blocked out? lol, you always block out the opposite of what should be.”

    Where I come from, people tend to recognize one another by their face…!

    I am hugely impressed.

  9. I would find that way too scarry for me. I do not like being confined on that scale.

  10. yowza. thats pretty neet. It would be sweet just to be beaten up a little in that.

  11. Awesome! So now having my buddy around doesn’t mean I have to pay any attention to him at all! Is that where the kick is?

  12. Did anyone read the interview on the permanent bondage website???? Behavior research, chastity, bondage, forced orgasm…….between two adopted siblings?? Shannon, I would be so interested in reading a more in-depth interview….any chance of that?

  13. you could totally go shark diving in this.
    uh…well i mean obviously with the penis covering.
    or not? i mean, i’ve seen some crazy shit on this website.

  14. fuck would love to be locked inside that thing. plug up my ass, steel chastity around my dickie!

  15. I love this. Put me in coach. Anyone have something like this id be glad for you to put me in for as long as you like .

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