22 thoughts on “Emilio Gonzalez on Miami Ink

  1. to bad the tattoo artist dont bag there machines thats kinds nasty if you think a out it. other then that Emilio Gonzalez ROCKS

  2. I liked Miami Ink for like…. the first season.
    Then it eventually got boring with all the repetition and what not.
    Any who, does anywho knows what epispode this was part of?

  3. Meh…one of our artists was near there shop and needed supplys and what not and they were being such assholes to him…”rockstart attitude”…but I dont personally know them, so i can’t say anything….sick pic. i guess ill be looking on tv for him now 😀

  4. #4 No it’s ON, as in on the TV show which is called Miami Ink. If you’re going to be grammar police at least do it correctly.

  5. #10, actually I think #4 meant that the pictures are of Emilio Gonzalez AT Miami Ink, not of him being ON Miami Ink. Which they implied by then asking when it was actually on. So now is everybody happy? 😀

    I love Miami Ink. I just like hearing the stories behind everyone’s tattoos.

  6. i got a tat done there, by tim hendricks. hes the man….
    the studio looks soo much smaller in real life
    i think theyre fun guys

  7. as long Emilio keeps doing non-stitched transsctotal procedures i just don’t get the hype about him…

  8. his tattoos on his face are sweet, but facial tattoos only look good on some, i personally wouldn’t get them, but this dudes awesome.

  9. dud bob……this picture is “at” Miami Ink…..not “on” Miami Ink…..

    I hope people realize that these guys are famous because they are on TV, they are not famous for being amazing artists…..

    They were put on TV for their personalities……not their artistic achievements…..

    But hey…..people take whatever is fed to them…..

  10. wtf Emilio Gonzalez, i made dinner for that guy in Iquique, Chile, some night during a convention that didn’t end up happening for health permit reasons… but i thought he was kind of a douche because he just talked on and on about himself and getting lipo and he didn’t even say thank you for the food.

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