Pubic Japanese Flower Scarification

Flash in Moscow, Russia had Defstar at Magnum cut her this pubic flower on her — click through for another view.

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35 thoughts on “Pubic Japanese Flower Scarification

  1. I added that one as one of my favorite mods on when I saw it… love the stretched vertical hood as well. Really hot.

  2. Very pretty :) I wonder how it’s going to be trying to shave around the scars, if the scarring is raised that is. Or maybe this would be a good time to start getting waxed from now on haha.

    I’d love to see a pic of this when it heals!

  3. :)))))) yeah)thats healed now and may be we made a little correction.but too much itching haha))

  4. i love it :) and i know how a pain in he ass its to do scars on that place…
    and Malice Alice…the saving thing with keloid… its bitchy… sometimes i cut some keloid tissue with the raizor :S so i try to depilate that area always with wax or with the tweesers :)

  5. I would totally get my pubes permanently removed before doing something like that.

  6. I tried to do my own cutting there once….didn’t get very far because it was too painful!! So I got a tattoo instead. Strangely that didn’t hurt at all. Props to ya, Flash!!

  7. I can’t imagine trying to heal that! I hope you’ll post healed pictures if they’re sent in. I’d love to see how it went.

  8. Ow! Ow! Ow! I feel your pain – getting my mons tattooed was agony, and it doesn’t half make you think you really really are going to pee all over the artist…

  9. The color in both pics is just so wrong… looks like she’s got liver failure …. in both photos she seems to be a glowing shade of jaundice… obviously just the color that was tweaked but it really throws you off.

  10. There are slightly healed pics of this on her profile on, it looks like it’s turning out nicely…

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  13. This looks fucking horrible. Your pussy is jacked forever. I mean really who’s gonna want to lick that. I hope it healed way better, for your man’s sake.

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