“When crazy ideas are acted upon”

No, they’re not murdering the suspendee… It’s a 420 volcano vapor suspension! Wow that must have been an intense experience! (Sure beats beer and pizza!)

Edit (quote from Josh): “I hope you all enjoy the pics of the vape suspension as much as I enjoyed doing it! I would personally like to thank all of my brothers who helped this crazy idea actually happen! It was definintly an experiance I will NEVER forget!…. There’s nothing quite like suspending while breathing only THC vapors for over twenty minutes! WOW! …. AND Always remember to FIGHT the FIGHT! Whether it be MODIFYING OUR BODIES or CHOOSING TO CONSUME CANNABIS, the Government has NO FUCKING right to impose their dogmatic moral judgements us and impede on our persuit of LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS!”

53 thoughts on ““When crazy ideas are acted upon”

  1. bwahahahahaha….

    the best part is how in the second pic, the guy in the bag is wearing goggles!

  2. At first glance I thought they were doing the old vacuum pack sideshow act to someone suspending…which is actually not a bad idea for a suspension performance either

  3. i dont quite get the whole plastic bag thing going on…

    its that to keep the smoke isolated when he exhales? what happens when you want to get down? wait for the smoke to clear or what? lol

    props on the volanco suspension though, gives me some ideas!

  4. Fuckin awesome!!! I wish I was in there with you.I got a tatt on 420,but it looks like you had more fun a!

  5. I really think its funny that people were frowning upon people for drinking while suspending in a previous post on here, but its ok when some one smokes a little herb? How is that any different than having a beer or two? Not saying either is wrong cuz I do both, just making an observation…

  6. xPURExFUCKINGxGONZOx – I’d argue that one major difference is that alcohol tends to dull the senses, whereas marijuana tends to amplify the senses.

  7. This has to been one of the funnest suspensions ive been a part of. It was definitly one 4-20 to remember. josh was up for over 20 minutes in there inhaling only thc vapors and breating out the exaust hose. We went through 3 bowls in each vaporizer which is a lot (if youve ever used a volcano before you know.) After he was done we all ripped holes in the bag and took massive rips and let him down.

  8. For the guy comparing MJ & alcohol. -I’ve never suspended, but obviously you do have open wounds, so isn’t it a bad idea to take alcohol, a blood thinner, while or before suspending?
    I’m not aware of MJ having that effect, but then again, I’m no expert.

  9. I hope You all enjoy the pics of the vape suspension as much as I enjoyed doing it! I would personally like to thank all of my brothers who helped this crazy idea actually happen! it was definintly an experiance I will NEVER forget!….theres nothing quite like suspending while breathing only THC vapors for over twenty min.! WOW! …. AND Always remember to FIGHT the FIGHT! whether it be MODIFYING OUR BODIES or CHOOSING TO CONSUME CANNABIS the Government has NO FUCKING right to impose their dogmatic moral judgements us and impede on our persuit of LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS!

  10. Wow.
    That looks like so much fun.
    I really need to try that.
    My 420 seems really dull compared to that.
    All I did was get a few piercings and smoke on my friends couch all day.
    I’m rather disapointed in myself now, we should have been more creative.

  11. I agree Shannon! But would people still be so accepting of suspensions on other drugs like Mushrooms, Opium, Extasy, LSD, Peyote (man that one would be fun!), Heroin, Oxycotin, or Cocaine? All of them highten or dull the senses. I guess Im just trying to point out that a persons personal prefrence while suspending is his/her own. I just hate the fact that certain drugs are taboo while others are perfectly fine. And on that note…


  12. xPURExFUCKINGxGONZOx – It would take a million bowls to OD on marijuana. So i think its perfectly fine. 😀

  13. Im not at all saying that suspending and smoking some dope is bad, by all means go for it! Shit I would think it would be fun as hell.

  14. oh oops! i should have realized what i was saying earlier. vapourizer= vapour.

    but my question still stands… plastic bag = ?

  15. for those not in the know, wtf is a volcano? type of bong or what? im so horribly innocent in these things 🙁

  16. a volcano is a state of the art medical grade vaporizer. a vaporizer heats the substance( in this cannabis) to extract the desired active ingredient ( in this case THC) without flame or combustion of the plant material. no combustion means no cancer causing carbon monoxide, no tar, no buetane, no harmful byproducts……just pure THC. STOP SMOKING……………..VAPORIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ps: Volcano is the very cleanest purest way to get high…… at my store one volcano sells for $700 canadian 🙂 Definately worth it if you care about your health

  18. Shannon: I think it’s important to note that not everyone gets more sensitive when under the influence of pot – it actally dulls the pain response quite a bit for some people. After a lot of experience, I’m not so sure that marijuana actually does a lot of intensifying in terms of actual senation; I think it’s moreso an intensification of mental activity, which could be focused on pain or anything else. I guess I don’t have the most experience, but I’ve been tattooed while stoned as well as sober, and I’ve pierced myself in a whole range of physical and emotional states, ranging from stone cold sober and happy to drunk and sad, stoned and curious and everything in between – I haven’t really found a whole lot of difference in terms of pain sensation.

    I have not done anything modification-related while under the effects of halucinogens – I think that would be far too intense for me.

    At any rate, these are some of my favorite all-time suspension photos – they’re strikingly surreal and genuine at the same time.

  19. I highly recommend that everyone get a Volcano – You don’t have to get inside the bag to use it. They’re Much more efficient than smoking, and healthier for you too. If you buy one from http://www.Vaporstore.com and say Rob sent you, – I Might be able to convince my boss to give you a discount.

    Is that the Josh that works (ed?) at Puncture in Upland?

  20. Volcona vaporizors are the most quality vapes, couldn’t imagine the anxiety factor with something like that though..

  21. i would love to hit a volcano.. never have as in my age group theyre a rarety.. but sometimes i just wanna sit down and have a nice toke or bong rip!!

  22. Wow. . . that could very well be on my wish list for christmas this year. . . That must have been the most stoned that guy has ever been, holy smokes!

  23. yes this is Josh from laughing buddha formerly puncture, and no that is not the most stoned ive ever been, CLOSE but by far not the most…….Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam took care of that! ROCK N’ ROLL!

  24. i… i… i think i want to try this.
    so jealous that someone actually has one of those vapor machines.

  25. when I used to smoke, the volcano was always the best. 🙂

    Must have been one hell of a session. 😉

  26. Oh I am jealous. Then again I don’t know that I would do a suspension high. I love getting my tats and piercings sober, I doubt my artist would give me a tat if I came in high. I wounder what it would be like.

  27. bwahahahahaha look at that last picture!!

    times like this make me a little sad i have a THC allergy

  28. i wanna i wanna i wanna!!!!
    i guess i’ll think of soemthing similar for my next 4 point suicidal….maybe with a bong, cos vaporizers are very expensive here in argentina 🙁
    i liked the pics…must have been fucking funny…and a very trippy feeling being suspended while breathing just pure thc…

  29. To all the people who want to try out a vaporizer without dropping a bunch of money on it google how to make a lightbulb vaporizer. It’s a really quick/cheap way to make one. Of course it’s not as great as a Volcano or anything, but it’ll do the trick.

    Also, I don’t think anyones mentioned this yet, but vaporizers greatly cut down on that distinctive MJ smell, for those stoners on the down low, lol.

  30. I don’t smoke weed anymore due to court ordered drug tests but, I completely support it. I love this idea and I love how happy he looks in the last picture. 😀 I miss that bliss.

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