Roo’s Tattooed “Thumbnails”

On Roo (who brings you most of the BME videos here and in our extremely-adult zone) by Chino (currently tattooing at King of Fools in Toronto)… Even if the tattooed mustache meme is getting old, I think we still have a few more puns and gags we can beat to death, right?

As soon as I saw Roo today, I was like “you have to post these on ModBlog!” but he was too shy to self-post, so here you go!

Roo's Tattooed Thumbnails

28 thoughts on “Roo’s Tattooed “Thumbnails”

  1. Roo, I love your originality and sense of humour. Yay for positive attitude!

  2. i must be having a super attack of the stupids because i am failing to get the funny. i want to giggle too!

  3. Roo, you have super sexy hands.

    That may sound creepy, but I have a fetish for hands and feet… so I mean it in the nicest way possible 🙂

  4. I have to agree totally with Rhiannon, you have the sexiest hands I have ever seen:)

  5. Sassix – If they were screws they’d have threads rather than highlights 🙂

    It did occur to me that they might be confused with thumbscrews, but they’re most definitely thumbnails. w00t

    Campbell – Certainly do.

    Everyone else – Thank you! <3

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