"Last night I walked with a zombie"

Maya Sinstress sends in this photo of her and Spooky Heather disembowelling Micah at Exit in Chicago (Photo: Courtney Ivo).

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34 thoughts on “"Last night I walked with a zombie"

  1. Fantastic picture… and I’m now officially in love with Spooky Heather :)

  2. Taste of the work that these vampires comes making… Very good, congratulations for the cold and hunger transilvanian of the shady side of its pretty souls…
    SATAN HEIL!!!!!

  3. Hahahahha I love how she has her hand on his crotch, “I know you’re scared that I ripping out your intestines with my teeth but let me give you a sense of security by petting your manhood”

  4. I wouldn’t trust anyone who isn’t turned on by flesh-eating zombie babes.

  5. I’m lost here. What is going on? Am I still to naive to get it? Could someone give me some insight on what is happening on that photo? So uncool of me, sigh…

  6. MissJanet, Naked chicks have dressed up as zombies and are pretending to eat that guy. There isn’t that much else to it except HOTNESS OVERLOAD.

  7. It was a zombie burlesque show. Miss Maya and SpookyHeather do a little zombie strip tease….. I pretend to be an obnoxious drunk heckler (and trust me, i’m REALLY fucking obnoxious) they bring me on stage and proceed to disembowel me, much to the delight of the audience. and there you have it!

  8. (to possessed)
    well… *looks around*… in a word -YES!!!!!

    c’mon, hot zombie chicks!
    living in canberra (capital of Australia for those playing at home) = lackage of hot zombie chicks.

    i know, its terrible.

  9. no they’re not “actually” eating my flesh. it’s a stage act will fake blood and special fx.
    i mean, i like zombies…… but not enough to let some girls (regardless of how hot) really take a bite out of me.

  10. I believe I’m with Shannon. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t have their hand on my crotch.

    .. And you know. I find this oddly hot. Damn bme and it’s hot, freaky pictures.

  11. Ah, thanks for enlightening me about what I was seing. Its appreciated. :)

  12. for a minute i thought it was real, i almost through up… very happy to know it’s just a stage act… kudos on making it look so real.. rock on.

  13. Woooo.. I agree with Maresa.. I honestly questioned whether it was real or not and yes I even got queasy thinking about it and seeing it.. To each their own tho.. but I personally question how watching that staged or not is a turn on.. Hot chicks yes turn me on but that .. welll.. glad to have read it was only an act… However it totally looked real..

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