28 thoughts on “J’Adore Jagermeister

  1. juha- endlich mal was aus good old germany was sich im amiland durchsetzt^^- Ich mag das zeug ja auch, aber das tattoo hätt besser sein können^^

  2. hahaha this is amazing, i love jager but clearly not as much as this dude…

  3. It’s funny, this really isn’t the self righteous “holier than thou” response that I’ve come to expect on modblog with a tattoo such as this – you know like the fuss that was kicked up over that bloke smoking in the photo a month or so back.

    I guess it’s not as trendy to harp on drinkers yet – or maybe the post just hasn’t been up long enough for the slower individuals to get around to it yet.

    Other than that little observation, the tattoo is done rather well I’d say. I’m sure he’s gotten a lot of flak for its subject so all the more power…

  4. the first time i drank jagermeister i woke up in virginia. in a thicket. cuddling with a hockey stick.

    jager should come with a new pair of pants and a passport. when you wake up, you’re going to be in a foreign country. half naked.

  5. like the tattoo, but theres something about brand tattoos that make me cringe. no matter how well done they are.

  6. For some reason I dont see the relavence of the tattoo whatsoever, yet, I find it hard not to like it?!

  7. Es ist des Jägers Ehranschil, dass er hegt und schützt sein Wild.
    Waidmännisch jagt wie’s sich gehört.
    Den Schöpfer im Geschöpfe ehrt.

  8. I have worked with Jager in the US (Sydney Frank Importing) for over four years and I can say that tattoo like this one are not at all as uncommon as one might think – and every time we tour it seems more of them show up. There is even a guy who calls himself jager man who has his entire torso dedicated to the brand.

    The amazing thing (to me) is that these are all simply fan tattoos – there is no program, no reward, etc

  9. Jagabombs, fuck yes!!

    Jagermiester is one of the only alcohol my boyfriend isnt allergic to! He had it in a tea in Austria.

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