20 thoughts on “Huge Dragon Tattoo

  1. I’m not a fan, it doesn’t look like the dragon was drawn very well, and it looks too rigid.

  2. It lacks the dynamic feel and energy I’d expect from a dragon tattoo of that size… I say meh.

  3. Is it bad that my first thought upon looking over the anatomy of the dragon was “I have a big head…and little arms!” *arm wiggle*?

  4. it is not the bigger the better- i have to say, that i can not say, that this is a nice tattoo- it looks unpretty…

  5. everyone’s criticizing the tattoo but i think it’s a nice looking piece.

    and i also thought of the ‘i have a big head and little arms reference’

  6. FUCK!!
    Am I the only one who hates it when people write “meh”?
    It’s like the trendoid version of “whatever”, but in a more apathetic, sneering kind of way. Aaaargh!
    Having said that, I like his tattoo, and his bottom in particular.

  7. Pretty typical proportions for an Eastern Dragon, they aren’t supposed to have long legs. They are very snake-like in shape/proportion (they fly using magic, not wings). Very true to the form. Nice tat!

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