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  1. the squares are actually on Charm’s friend Lindsey (Charm has wonderful hip tattoos), but HOORAY FOR JASON!!! He does all sorts of fantastic work besides squares (see iam: Charm, off, squiggles, and me, copper_wire), and he should be getting a lot more recognition. Also his name is Jason Maybruck….

    And the rat’s name is rainbows (what’s the last name again, squiggles??) or wainboos as Jill lovingly calls him….

  2. Is this rat tattooed? I’m not gonna start thàt discussion again. I’m just wondering.

  3. awwww, what a cute rat!!! I’ve had many rats in my day, but never had the pleasure of having a hairless rat, and I’ve aolways wanted one. Maybe some day!

  4. Aww! The rat is lovely.
    Can I see a dinosaur drawn on him/her?

    The squares are nice and… square… too.


  5. I really love the squares, they’re simple and for some reason really cute ^_^ and the rat is adorable!

  6. hehe awwws.
    he’s cute,

    and the line work on those squares can’t be beat.


  7. how can you say that drawing on the rat is cute? it looks lke a green blob, you cant even tell what it is…

    and why is it cruel to draw on him? do you think the rat gets embarassed or something?

  8. i like the idea, nice and simple. Also the rat is the cutest thing i’ve seen in a long while.

  9. i dont know much about hairless rats, but i DO know they have extremely sensitive skin, and i would worry about the markers being irritating and perhaps causing a skin reaction (athough with something non-toxic, i dont see why it would be a huge deal..) i would assume thats what the people talking about cruelty are refering to 😛

  10. Forget the squares (not really, their nice). What a cute (wrinkly) rat, i haven’t kept rats in a few years and i’ve never seen hairless rats before, but their definately at the top of my list along with a Berkshire (did i spell that right?).

  11. I feed those things to snakes…
    But I always feel bad later…well, not hairless, but rats.
    He’s actually kind of cute…

  12. Lovely matching tatts. The rat is supposed to look wrong without its fur but for some reason it looks SO cute. I have the biggest girly urge to yell, “OMG *squeal*!”…but I’m in a uni computer room >_>

  13. Nice squares!

    Aaaand … given the fact, that pretty many of her fellows are served as food to snakes, the rat might well be damn happy about just being misused for the sake of art harrr harrr

  14. i want a hairless rat this christmas or on my birthday..
    in fact, i dont care what day it is as long as i get a hairless rat…
    awwwwwwwwww, he’s super duper cute 🙂

  15. If I had a hairless animal, I would probably pick up a pack of those kid’s “tattoo markers” and draw all over them!! Its probably a good thing I DON’T have one! Awesomely simple tattoos though!

  16. It’s not a rat! It’s called a skinny pig and it rocks! Do a Google search for “skinny pig” and check them out! 😀

  17. Me Luv hairless ratz! I had ‘un named Griffen. He felt like a giant nut sack.

  18. Awww… you guys have made me SO proud to live with the sexy little creature who just ran away with a piece of my toast (cinnamon toast at that… I would have gotten mad at him if he weren’t a ModBlogged rat)!
    And Di, skinny pigs are ALMOST as cute, but Mr. Rainbows is 100% rat.

  19. What do squares mean? Is it some kind of nerd-thing? And please do not tell me that the meaning of all things is 42, ok? 😉

  20. I can’t be the only one that finds it funny that the post asking not to be told the meaning to all things is 42, is post #42, can I?

  21. eeww, #44!!! no way this is the ‘naked mole rat’ on the wiki, ´couse that one is so gross. this one however is a precious little one. i liked the squares

  22. yay for ratties! i have a double rex, whos on the nearly hairless side (not the best breeding i assume, i rescued her though) myself…the other three hair hair though hehe!

  23. How are her tattoos corrected? Were the other lines removed or what? Just wondering…

  24. No, rats are not good to put near a healing wound. I have 11 rats, and no matter how clean their cages are, they still pee where they lie. I would never put a rat near a wound- that’s asking or infection.

    Ok, grumpy hat off…. cute rat!!

  25. oh, hairless ratty luuuuurve – my late gf had a hairless rat, we named him mochi, he was very very odd but we loved him dearly =)

  26. You should NOT draw on your animals! Most of all hairless variety. Hairless animals have very delicate and sensitive skin. Does anyone else notice how very swollen and unhealthy this rats eyes look? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that is a bad reaction to whatever ink she is using on his skin. Animals eyes can say a lot about the health of your pet. Even “non toxic” or “water based” markers are safe for humans but still not meant to be used on skin or ingested. Please, if you are the owner of this rat and you read this, PLEASE stop drawing on your pet. If you love him and don’t want him to be sick. Get a coloring book. 🙂

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