36 thoughts on “Comic Geisha Backpiece

  1. Is it just me, or is the gal in the lower left corner picking her nose?

    Oh, great tattoo work, by the way! ha.

  2. Amazing art work! I am totally in love with the colors.

    The style of the girl’s hair and clothing in the tattoo suggests that she is Chinese though, so that would not make her a Geisha who are Japanese.

  3. Yeah well Phro i disagree with both u and lauren on my end here… is just one def . i pulled up
    a traditional female entertainer Geisha literally means “art-person,” and the true geisha is above all an artist. She is an accomplished musician, being able to sing, dance, and play traditional instruments like the shamisen, but perhaps most excels in the fine art of making her client feel like a king.
    That tattoo speaks all that to me …
    But maybe ur right I would really like to see her holding a can of spaggetti O’s….

  4. That’s not a geisha. That’s a little Chinese girl (not that little Chinese girls actually dress like that nowadays, you only see that kind of clothing on Chinese New Year greeting card pictures of cute kiddies).

    AND I’M CHINESE. Final word.

  5. Yeah this reminds me of the girl on the Chinese Rice Candy boxes. It’s about time Efrain was ModBlogged, or at least the first time I’ve seen him on here.

  6. hey xenobiolgista how in the fuck do u know what the girl does .It’s like saying Clark Kent your no superman .Its ridiculous to judge by ones apperance xspecailly here at this site…

  7. After watching the Fruity Oaty bars i think to myself why cant i be like that .Why the fuck do I have to be so confritational with eveyone. Beacuase Im a fuckin internet troll ..~_0

  8. Brady – trust me on this. Not a geisha, try Googling Geisha and you’ll see women in traditional kimono with proper shimada hair styles – not cute ickle buns (i want hair like that lol)

  9. plz tell me Lauren how do you know what that girl does ???
    “women in traditional kimono with proper shimada hair styles ” maybe this is a non traditional geisha girl with cute sticky ickle buns. The information im going off on this is what i was told by the poster …
    From the difinitions i pulled up it has to do with women who entertain men whith singing ,dancing,etc..
    geasha girl is not a definition for a costume nor a hair style ,but yes maybe 99.999 percant of giesha girls fits ur desription but then again there are allot of people registered on this site that fall into the .0001 percantage and i never said that she is actually a geisha girl jusy that i thought she could be becuase aI DONT KNOW i never spoke to the chick ~_0

  10. bradly- i think you’re talking about the girl wearing the tattoo, and not the girl who is actually tattooed. the figure tattooed is a chinese figure, not a geisha.

  11. ur right im talking about the girl wearing the tattoo i never talked to her to see ….”if that cute sticky ickle bun chinese figure is a geisha ,The only problem we all have hair…. is that u think ur right ….& I know I am ~_0

  12. Brady – first breathe. Secondly im talking about the tattoo. as nice as it is it IS NOT a geisha (and yes i did think of Fuity Oaty bars when i first saw it). I know its not a picture of a geisha becasue ive been studying traditional Japan, especially geisha for over 2 years now. So bite me . And you dont get “non-traditional geisha” – if you’re a geisha, youre traditional, thats what it means. The tattoo is of a cute Chinese girl.
    Oh and you dont get “geisha girls” – you get shikomi-san, maiko or geiko.

  13. Lauren O K then back up your words big mouth and cut and paste ur definition for geisha and where u found it…
    ive not come across one defintion myself that sayd that in order to be aconsidred a geisha girl that they must be dressed in a certain manner or wear thier hair in a certain manner …
    I know its not a picture of a geisha becasue ive been studying traditional Japan, especially geisha for over 2 years now. So bite me
    bite urself

  14. Lauren besides that fact once more how the fuck do u know what his girl does who is pictured inthe tattoo it’s like seeing a man walking through the mall food court and saying that he dosnt play baseball becuase he aint got no uniform on maybe this is an under cover geisha girl who is mascarding as ajust a young chinese girl to help save her parents from the government.Miss no it all and ud like it if i bite u real hard i bet !!!

  15. Dear God Brady im NOT TALKING ABOUT THE GIRL WITH THE TATTOO!!. Im talking about the tattoo itself. i dont know if i can link or not but Google Immortal Geisha. Apart form the fact that youre either really stupid or just winding people up – geisha are Japanese so cant really masquerade as a Chinese girl. Thats like me masquarading as an African – two sperate races. PLus the only person who gets to bite me is my bf or Dracula – youre neither

  16. Lauren you must want to marry me or at least get a hotel for a weekend .Why are all you chcicks hating on me and my thoughts.Why would you want to put a restriction on any chick real or tattooed. Ur way of thinking is lame to me.U dont know any thing about that girl(yes im talking about the tattoo I have a GED) go watch the first ithink 5 minutes of that Tom hanks and thats how u look at things to me.P.S.i have next week end free:+_*

  17. I would like to know how long a tattoo like that takes? I have several, my largest on the lower back that took about 3 hours and is not even close to that size? Her tattoo is beautiful and has alot of amazing color! Peace!

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