24 thoughts on “Brite Suicide

  1. Is she really a suicide girl?

    She should be worried about not being sued because of being photographed not for the suicide-girls site!!!

    She’s very beautiful, I really like thos stars on her hips you see when you click trough for more…

  2. I reallly like all of her tattoo’s…they all suit her and look like they were meant to be there, if that makes sense? Simple and beautiful!

  3. #1, this site probably is not considered a competition site.

    Beautiful girl 🙂

  4. i have a suicidegirls account, and i just looked her up, and she is in fact a suicide girl, with very nice picture sets.

  5. It’s her umpteenth time on modblog, she looks gorgeous every time, and I STILL want to know where she got her necklace.

  6. Id like to see her biting her lowwer lip really hard and grabbing her breast like she means it. I personally hate just a cover up shot…

  7. beautiful girl!

    what i am was asking myself: the black “cloud”style-thing she’s got below her shoulders – what is this style of tattoo called? because i see a lot of similar designs nowadays (and really like them).

  8. Fauxbot, ANY website is competition for SuicideGirls, regardless of whether they charge for membership or not. And since IAM does have a paid account type, it could be an issue.

    Which is stupid, but that’s the way SG is nowadays.

  9. Yes – this is Brite from SG! (Go check her out!)
    By the way this is not considered a competition site! Only other nude modeling sites are.

  10. Lindsay, I got the neckalce at an store in the Netherlands, I fell in love it to minute I saw it, the store is called Bijou Brigitte, but I dont think they have a website.. Good luck!

  11. girls like this do not exist in my world…not sure where I need to live to meet one like this…one day…over the rainbow..

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