19 thoughts on “Now that’s a funny scar!

  1. Maybe I’m dirty minded, but I totally thought it was a giant penis that was poking a giant eye ball…

  2. I’ve had Noah do several of my body mods and by far he is one of the best artists I have ever came across. And I can easily say this is defiantly not the best of his work and hopefully we’ll see many more of his works to come.

  3. It’s okay, sprawn. The first time I looked at it, I was like “penis coming out of a house. now that’s a brand!!!”

  4. Sprawn, I totally saw the penis the first time, then I space ship, then the third time I realized just how drunk I was and started wondering how I couldn’t have seen the alien from the beginning.

  5. I love stuff like that.
    It’s bad enough when someone says to you, oh man but your gonna be like that forever now, in response to tattoos or scars or whatnot, even when they’re not silly, but to have something like that on you forever, I have a lot of respect for the people that do it to themselves.

  6. I love the symbolism and metaphors that this brand has… lol even if it has no meaning it makes me laugh and we always need more of that

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