What do you like eating?

Melissa sends in this picture of her friend Allison’s “yummy tattoo” — peanut butter and jelly!

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40 thoughts on “What do you like eating?

  1. I think a big fricken hot dog bun done up like that would be sorta cOOl …but then again i do like to eat pb&j’s

  2. Interesting… but how do people manage to like eating that?

    I have to say though, i haven’t seen many tattoos of food, especially on someones belly, mayby a roast chicken next?

  3. It’s JAM!! Bloody Jam!! Not jelly!

    Sorry, rant over.

    Cool tattoo. Must like peanut butter and JAM very much.

  4. News flash, Hannah: in the US, it’s called JELLY. And jelly is jam without the bits in it, anyway. Don’t get snarky cos you lot insist on abbreviating “gelatine” to “jelly” and it confuses you. PB&J is totally an American thing anyway.

    Super cute tattoo!

  5. I love the tattoo, it’s so cute, and unique.

    On the Jam/Jelly thing

    Jam is made out of pureed fruit, hence the reason it’s kinda chunky. Jelly is made from fruit juice, so it’s got a smooth consistancy, and is usually transparent, with an appearance much like that of Jello. Though similar, they are in fact different foods.

  6. #11. I think the tummy button is a bit higher up in the picture.

    #14. I don’t think jelly is usually “transparent”. Smooth consistancy, yeah. No chunks, yeah. Still can’t see through it. :)

    Interesting how the conversation can go just from a good picture. :-D

  7. Id like to see a bunch of other stuff there to make it like a picinic type scene some grape juice,grAnola bars etc. and maybe some ants crawwling up from her kooCHIE…

  8. i would be wholly willing to check and see if that’s scratch and sniff. and EVERYONE knows that you should eat strawberry jam with your peanut butter!

  9. sweet, literaly; btw that is awesome and i agree a picnic scene would be awesome

  10. I see a face on the jelly side. Anyone else see it ?
    Tilt your head to the left a little..

  11. #26- Yeah, the jelly does look like a face. In fact, the whole thing looks a little like a purple Meatwad.

  12. i wonder if her boyfriend ever yells its peanit butter jelly time during foreplay?

  13. well hmmm a pb&C sandwhich or maybe just put a jar of marshmellowy fluff next to it 2 aim 4 @_#

  14. No one’s belly/tummy button is that high. It can be more than a few inches from your hips. Either its been photoshopped out or this girl is an alien.

  15. Yeah, that’s jam and jam. Unless, perhaps, someone fell into the processing machine at the peanut butter factory.

  16. WTF?!
    Wonder what that’s gonna look like in, oh…say…10 years when that skin starts to lose its elasticity.
    And the owner gets a few new brain cells…and some perspective….and maybe some taste.

  17. #37. The tattoo collector might be 20. I’ll be 45 and haven’t lost so much skin elasticity that my skin is all pooled around my ankles. Ymmv. So I doubt PB&J has any immediate worries there.

  18. i wonder why people are so negative all the time..#37..really if its not you then dont worry about how its going to look in 50 years….obvisouly she knows that shes going to get old and so are her tattoos. i think we all know that..and really…who cares what you look like when you are 60 anyway?

    and # 34….no she is not an alien…the tattoo is very low and if her pants were pulled down a centimeter more her vag would be showing..her belly button is just cut out of the picture. duh think a little please.

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