19 thoughts on “DIY Play Piercing

  1. he’s a cutie… but here’s a question for you… why is it that play piercings on chicks are sooo much hotter than on guys? hmmmm..

  2. I have a much bigger concept coming up, needing many more needles, I just can’t afford them yet.

    The point is that there’s plenty more where that came from, and soon.

  3. I love love love play piercing pictures. I really want to do play piercing, but I don’t want to just rely on internet information on how to do it. IronPaws, did you learn from someone or teach yourself?

  4. He looks like an angry fetus…with play piercings and extremely hairy legs.

  5. Fallen angel eyes: I was taught a bit by a friend of mine, but re-taught myself, and then my abilities were really hammered out in a play piercing workshop. I feel like most people in life do it on thier own though, as long as you know your body and your limits, and have a sterile-ish enviroment, you should be fine (But only if you are piercing yourself)

  6. Oh man, you’re from montreal! Me too!
    When does montreal ever have play piercing workshops?

  7. Not that I have a problem with that, but


  8. man ure by far the most sensual dude ive seen in modblog

    if u ever in mexico, come by aguascalientes and ill shoe u around

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