Large raised keloids

Another piece by Blair ( and a BME gallery of scars by Blair) — these keloids look great, and really are healing incredibly evenly!

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20 thoughts on “Large raised keloids

  1. Awesome condition for them to be in. I’ve been considering getting a scarification piece, except I’m too worried about them not being perfect :)

  2. stunning.

    im interested if these we done differently than other scars. do the flesh mechanics that do scarification have their own trade secrets or are they willing to share techniques?

    i also wonder if anything was done after the initial trauma to help them scar so beautifully.

    definitely fucking awesome!

  3. Blair is absolute magic.

    One of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I’m so happy with the work he did on me.

  4. argh why would u ruin those awesome scars with tatts! they compliment his chest sooo well! nice work!

  5. Whoa… I’m not normally a fan of large keloids, but I am utterly impressed with how evenly this set healed up. It will be interesting to see how they change over the next few years (I know my scar’s texture changed a lot in the first 3 years).

  6. im not a fan of keloided scars either, but like smurf said (#10) the symmetry of these is great. but i still dont like how raised they are. still though, wow.

  7. It would make sense to add a check list to the pics when submitted that covered ,the desired effect ,the method and aftercare that was used to get to that point.

  8. wow the even keloiding (is that even a word? you know what i mean!) is great as is the placement. very attractive. these were cut yes? instead of branded. and is there a way to try and enlarge keloids. i have a scarification piece but the keloiding is minimal and not very defined where as here its incredible! im jealous. so tips for encouraging keloiding? or just going over it again and again…? thanks!

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