Tuxedo Rentals

A really nice suit does make the man, just ask your date! Renting a tuxedo can be a pain and making sure you are fitted correctly is a must, tailors will need at least two business days to outfit you in the manner you’ve become accustomed to. If you need to be fitted on premises you will need to be there no later than Thursday, June 28th (before noon).

If you know all your measurements already or can call them in as soon as possible the tailor will do their best to accommodate you I’m sure. My recommendation is to have a look at the websites below and pick a style you like, give them an idea of your measurements and put a tuxedo on hold so you will be ready to pick it up the day before the event. Returning the rented tuxedo is something you should try to arrange with your hotel concierge, usually a $10 courier charge is all you will incur, and some of the tailors will pick up for free if there are enough of you returning at the same time.


Tuxedo rentals as recommended by the very friendly concierge at the Weston Harbour Castle:


$10 rush fee for anything ordered after June 22nd.
Average price: $150 to $200 with some accessories included, please enquire.
Contact: Janna or whoever picks up the phone.


$10 rush fee for anything ordered after June 22nd.
Prices start between $80 and $140 plus accessories, please enquire.
Contact: Vicki or whoever picks up the phone.

Both companies have been in business for a long, long time and really do a great job. Freeman Formal may seem cheaper for the basic rental but as you add accessories the cost will rise very quickly so your best bet is to call both and price out what you want (and most importantly what you like).

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