OK, it’s not really mod-content I know, but Simon sent me these night writings he did (as in taking a picture at night with an extended exposure and running around with a light) that I thought turned out really well and I wanted to share them here. I don’t think I’d be able to get the writing that consistent.



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25 thoughts on “MODBLOG4LIFE

  1. those are really cool looking. Did he have to turn the light off so that the letters are disconnected?

  2. all this picture needs are some fireflies floatin around and some cute girls making out in the grass and it’d be the most lovely photo ever.

  3. wow, i’m on modblog! *excited*
    i didn’t turned out the light (which was made out of a first generation led lamp, my the way) but i covered the light with my hand between the letters.

  4. that’s so neat! i would have never thought about doing that.
    i’m guessing that he covered the lens between each letter, but didn’t advance the film? i use to do that with my old slr to make it look like the same person was in the picture multiple times.

  5. Well done, great image and no dis intended but hat’s off to Picasso for doing it first some time ago.

  6. I’ve taken similar pics, but I’ve never showed them.
    I never thought you’ll post something like this on the blog.
    Great job… it’s difficult to manage the light-draw without seeing what you’re doing…. to draw in the air.

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