"Cutting for a cunt"

Click through if you want to see more of Pigdaddy’s DIY pubic cutting (see his BME/HARD bonus gallery for even more at full resolution). Oh, and please, if you don’t get why this is fun, please don’t prove it by making a rude comment.

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42 thoughts on “"Cutting for a cunt"

  1. dang that shiz is deep ya’ll!
    i can endure (and enjoy) pain but not self inflicted at that level!

  2. Whoa whoa whoa…how can someone cut themselves that deep and keep the line that straight?

    I tip my hat to you, sir.

  3. AHAHAHAHAHA I loved everyones jokes about it :D

    Cant say I understand it,

    But OUCH … that looks painful!

  4. The other scars look like laser hair removal scars. But thats just my opinion.

    It also looks like he has a scar under the fresh cut as well. Everyone had their own fetishes and he seems to have a few. Good for you for not being ashamed to show off what you love. But please take care of that cut. Would hate to see it become infected.


  5. I think the angle of the photo makes it look like the knife is a good few millimetres under the skin, making a really deep cut. If you look carefully, though, I think the cut being made is actually quite superficial.

  6. Given my own scars, I don’t think I could ever have the balls to do what he’s doing. It’s hot though, and the panties just make it all the more hotter. :)

  7. Whats the white stuff on his skin?

    … I like self-cutting. The release is phenominal, and while its not sexual or erotic for me, I can see it being, most definitly, for others.

  8. Trully amazing this cosmetic surgery. I guess his so excited almost getting multiple prolonged orgasms by doing that shit.

  9. eee!! im not so squickened out by what he’s doing, but just the fact that there are no gloves present and his hands look dirty :S

  10. nice! , deep cut , i enjoy the , atho this would make it unsanitary , just happend on a whim sort of setting. very cool , panties are a nice touch aswell

  11. I can’t say what’s right or what’s wrong in this world, but man…there’s got to be some kind of regret in this? I don’t know…don’t take this as a rude comment, please. I just can’t fathom the intensity of this all. To me..it’s disgusting, but I’ll take it and strive, because people will always do what the want and can get away with. I just…wow. I can’t understand at all.

  12. um.. i don’t know what you’ll get from this but i just wanna point out, you had to do something to your penis cause it is ugly! maybe too much cutting

  13. This is a very unhealthy practice… both mentally and physically. It’s not that I don’t understand it either, I understand it very well. There are many reasons for self-mutilation, cutting, scarrification, etc… while some can be called “cultural” they are all unhealthy practices and I only wish these people well despite what they’re doing to themselves.

    Note: this is not a rude comment, I really do have only the best intentions in making it… but I expect I may get some hostile responses anyway :(

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