15 thoughts on “Audrey Hepburn Tattoo

  1. I love Audrey Hepburn, and this tattoo looks really good. My only complaint, is the angle of the shot, because part of the tattoo is cut off. But, from what i can see, I love the simplified style of it, it looks so clean, and the use of negitive space is fantastic.

  2. That is GORGEOUS. I really like the lack of a fuill outline around her. Makes it much more elegant.

  3. I love this! I agree with #2 on all counts. I wish it was a straight on shot so we could see it better. I’d love to see some other tattoos that use negative space as well as that one does.

  4. i like this a lot, the negative space makes it pop. the outline around the bottom is a bit harsh, though, because it’s just a straight line.

  5. Not the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen but lets hope its fake. And I hope you’re a smoker…

    Oh, I can’t fucking stand Audrey Hepburn. One of the most
    overrated “actresses” ever. The funny thing is, she hasn’t been in many/any good movies. And sadly, Roman Holiday, Charade, War and Peace, Wait Until Dark, etc would have been very good movies without her silly presence.


    With a little work you can turn that into;
    a) Marilyn Manson’s ex – Dita Von Whatshername
    b) Darth Vader
    c) A very large eclipse

    Good luck!

  6. I disagree with ..well basically everyone. I like the angle alot. It gives it alot more character then what it would have been if it were just straight on. and you can see most of it!

  7. i got the same tattoo, only on my right calf about 2 months ago. i love yours! kick ass indeed.

  8. I am wanting to get an Audrey tattoo myself. I think I am wanting the audrey pop art, the black and white one with the cigarette. Yours looks so great! I’m glad to have finally found someone who wants a tattoo of her too!

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