“Get Fuct” Inner Lip Tattoo

Tattoo by Jason D at Endless Summer Tattoo in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Oh, and if you’re wondering why people get rude inner lip tattoos, the traditional explanation is that inner lip tattoos are only seen by police when you’re searched before being tossed behind bars. Not sure if insulting your jailer is generally a good idea, but I appreciate the sentiment…

16 thoughts on ““Get Fuct” Inner Lip Tattoo

  1. This tattoo really stands on on this person’s lip. It looks good even if I don’t really think they should have gotten something that makes them seem so un-intelligent buttttt that’s ok.

  2. Thing Is Doctors Sometimes also look there 😛

    I know when I was a kid a doctor looked at the inner lip to see if it was yellow (as in bad liver – jaundice whatever it is)

    But I didnt know about the cops … very swish 🙂

  3. I can’t understand how somebody would let their fingernails… or any part of their body, for that matter, get as dirty as that person’s are.. I would be ashamed… and to take a picture of it? Yuk.

  4. I’ve seen people with far filthier nails than that. I have an ex-friend I went to high school with, and when we were all offering crisps etc. around she would always put her hand in the bag and bring one out for you!

    I ought to concentrate on the tattoo, but that horrible memory came rushing back…

  5. you guys have obviously never seen a mechanics hands or fingernails. well any hard labor workers hands. People get dirty and thats normal. They probably went home took a shower and cleaned there fingernails.

  6. i want one really badly..but im afraid it will fade easily..not really worried about tha pain. heard it wasnt that bad. can anyone that has one tell me if theirs fades all tha time?

  7. lmao,fall out boy’s ‘from under the cork tree’ is FUCT,not a spelling mistake

    haha,probably a boardie 😀

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