Got Tail?

If you mail Shank some panties, perhaps he’ll model them for you as well…

“I look like a white middle-age male, but am a bisexual ambidextrous multiracial agnostic crossdressing moderate temperate kinky switch,” he writes (“more or less”). You never know what you’ll find under someone’s suit!

40 thoughts on “Got Tail?

  1. Fantastically subversive.

    This is way more exciting than someone with 30-40 facial piercings and covered in mods.

    It is the pure unexpected set well and truly within conservative society.

    Love it totally.

  2. hehe I cannot stop laughing, I love someone with a great sense of humour.
    The pink thong is kinda cute also.
    Whatever floats your boat go for it!

  3. i do not enjoy this at all :p. but i’m happy somebody does. although those vines look somewhat uncomfortable.

  4. Not a particular turn-on for me, but the subversiveness of it all delights me 🙂 I dig.

  5. #4: Thank you for your startlingly insightful input. Truly, we are all better people for having read it.

    Anyway, go Shank! It’s always nice to see someone get away with their kinks while not being ostracized from society for them. 🙂

  6. I love his discription of himself, though, I have to say, dear god, do those underwear look uncomfortable. I never could feel sexy with a wedgie all day.

  7. I am so glad I shave my asshole, because if I was a woman and I saw that, I’d be out of there in a second. With my smooth asshole, however, many a woman has given my sphincter a tongue bath.

  8. There once was this person named Shank
    His looking like a male was a prank
    He was really a switch
    (Take your pick of which)
    And he gave modern culture a yank!

  9. double ewww, there is no way in hell i’d lick my husbands butt hole, no matter how smooth and silky it was!!! wrongggggg!!

  10. ladies and gentlemen we have a code red….choad dred…no need to panic just get a weedwhacker so we can bust those little ass dreds to freedom

    “there’s no way i’d lick my husbands butt hole, no matter how smooth and silky it was!!!!” is my new all time favorite bme quote.

  11. that is one hairy hairy man! But i’m curious about his forearm tattoo! The colours are so vivid, it just begs another look!

  12. i own the yellow and red pair! now that’s not something you see every day, and i will probably go put on those panties now, just because i can!

  13. Crazy, I just stumbled across these pictures on the panty exchange forum earlier tonight while forum hopping.

    You guys make me feel too normal.

  14. WOW! LOL the cheeks do smile! …it’s…oddly cute in way….
    & I can’t believe I just said that, but seeing these pictures really just made my day XD

    I’ve always told my roomate that if I have to see their ‘plumber’s crack’ one more time, they need to get something interesting tattooed on it – like a cherry blossom branch coming out of the crack with flowers & petals gracefully falling down the thigh…HAH!
    But this tattoo is great in that respect 🙂

    & as for the tattoo on the forearm (don’t quote me on this) in Japanese terms it looks like the kanji for sun & exit/leave…so that with the vivid sun I assume is a sunset tattoo. It looks cool! hopefully they can send a close up of that one as well…

  15. I’d lick a partner’s arsehole, so long as it was clean. That’s my only comment.

    I’m totally going to send him pants. (Panties for weird Americans)

  16. The one thing I admire about BME is the diversity. If he’s getting his kicks, then brava to him! He is right though, you never know what is under a person’s suit.

    As for the discussion of sexual practice (ie anal play), it works for some, not for others. Does it really matter unless you are sleeping together?

  17. Yeah, it’s fine that he’s getting his kicks, but I don’t understand why we need to look at the panties sitting on that hairy, cottage-cheese ass

  18. #31, I’m kinda stealing this point from another poster here, but obviously your ass is perfect – as, of course, is your face, and if it isn’t you’ve never taken a picture of it, let alone showed that picture to others.

    #30, anal play doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but I bring it up on every suitable occasion as it’s so fun… 😉

  19. OH MY! I just found out this is here. That is my hairy butt in those panties. I am late and must run but will return and try to answer a few questions posed here.

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